Paul Jensen's background includes 14 years in radio broadcasting and ten years in government. He wrote a weekly column on local politics for the Northwest Florida Daily News. Today he is editor of Middle Tennessee Racing Scene and blogs about politics and life in Nashville TN.


    Being President Doesn’t Mean Having Everything Your Way

    How many times have we heard President Obama or his minions explain his highly questionable executive actions by saying, “He had to do it because congress didn’t do anything.” Whoa! Have I moved to a different country? If congress isn’t doing what the President wants, the President needs to go up to the hill and work it out. That’s what Ronald Reagan did. That’s what | Read More »

    Why Calling Them Islamic Terrorists Matters

    The Right has been critical of President Obama for not calling ISIS and other violent Muslim hate groups “Islamic terrorists.” The Left counters that Islam is a peaceful religion and what’s in a name anyway? Obama believes the terrorists have distorted Islam and are not representative of the religion. But whether you believe Islam is a hateful or a peaceful religion, it is very important | Read More »

    Tea Party Needs To See Big Picture

    Let me start off by saying I agree with the principles of the Tea Party, keeping in mind there is no single “Tea Party.” I want limited government. I want our Constitution followed. I believe our Founders got it right, and that’s how we became the greatest country in the history of the world. That’s right. The United States of America is a great country. | Read More »

    Why It Matters Who Alison Lundergan Grimes Voted For

    The whole world now knows Kentucky Democrat Senate candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes refuses to say whether or not she voted for Barrack Obama in the last presidential election. Her reasoning is that she, and not Obama, is on the ballot. True enough. But when John  McCain was on the ballot in 2008, Obama ran against George W. Bush, who was not on the ballot, but | Read More »

    Redskins Controversy Is Over The Top

    This whole Washington Redskins nonsense has moved beyond silly to the absurd. A CBS announcer refused to say the word “Redskins” during a recent national television broadcast of a game between the Redskins and New York Giants. Instead, he called them the “Washington Team.” Really? Just whose feelings did he think he was protecting? One cannot tell another what is offensive. You can’t tell me | Read More »

    The Insensitivity of Father’s Day

    I cannot hold it in anymore. Every year I bite my tongue at Mother’s Day and Father’s Day because I don’t want to dampen the enthusiasm for these celebrations. If there is anyone who deserves special recognition, it’s our parents. All I ask is some consideration for those of us who have lost our parents. Is it asking too much to have a little sensitivity? | Read More »

    Memo to Republicans: We Don’t Need a Candidate of the Month

    The 2012 Presidential campaign saw Republicans swarm to whatever candidate was popular at the moment, which was usually the candidate who had gone the longest without saying or doing something stupid. There was Newt. Rick Santorum. Herman Cain. Donald Trump led the popularity contest for awhile and he wasn’t even running! Would Sarah Palin run? Mitt Romney was leading the herd when the clock ran | Read More »

    Working on Thanksgiving Do-Gooders Need To Mind Their Own Business

    As more and more retailers announce they will be open on Thanksgiving, the blowback surges over the poor low-paid employees who have to work on Thanksgiving. Most of the people doing the whining will not be working on the holiday, but want to show their compassion for their fellow man. They make the   assumption that nobody wants to work on Thanksgiving. That simply is | Read More »

    Obama Hates the Greatest Generation

    It should come as no surprise Barack Obama has tried to keep World War II veterans from their memorial. Obama holds the Greatest Generation in complete disdain. They preserved freedom and cemented America’s position as a world superpower. Obama has used his presidency to tear down both. He was raised in an anti-American household and was taught to hate the United States. Obama doesn’t care | Read More »

    Comparing CEO Pay to Worker Pay is Ridiculous

    The United Auto Workers is currently striking against an auto parts supplier in my town. Key issues include overtime pay, increases in co-pays for health care and the use of more temporary employees at the plant. It’s ironic that at least two of those three issues is a direct result of policies implemented by a President the UAW helped elect. Thanks to Obamacare, most people | Read More »