Don’t fall for the Donny Deutsch trick

    I’ve seen this too many times, people getting ecstatic when a guy like Donny Deutsch appears to be seeing the light. As Republicans we have this fantasy that we will

    Another tactic to use in a discussion

    Okay. Since I am going away in a few short weeks and I will be hanging out with a liberal, I am arming myself with tactics. Here is one that

    Ben Shapiro

    I bought this yesterday on Amazon. It is a short easy read and full of great tips on how to respond and defeat liberals. I highly recommend it for all of us

    How do you feel about “Gay Marriage”?

    It’s tough out there to be a garden variety Christian Republican. You don’t even have to be a Tea Party person to be branded a bigot. It’s real easy to

    Thank you Karl Rove

    Even though this story is getting to be a little long in the tooth, I just want to take the time and thank Karl Rove for questioning Hillary’s mental health.

    A Plumely crackpot crazy idea

    It would have been nice to have primaried  ole Mitch.  But for some or many reasons it did not work out that way. Boy I would just love to send

    What I wish Tony Blair had said to David Gregory on Meet The Press

    For your reading pleasure I have copied and pasted David Gregory’s question and Tony Blair’s response. “Isn’t the legacy of your leadership and that of President Bush in part responsible

    God’s Not Dead

    I got the opportunity to see this movie yesterday and yes it is simplistic in its presentation and I think the creators are proud of that fact. In fact, there

    Cliven Bundy

    I am riffing off another poster and friend because he made some good points. Before we go any further, contrary to what some might think, I did not approve of

    Breitbart California

    Nancy Pelosi’s face super imposed on Miley Cyrus’s body twerking. Mark Zuckerberg’s face on a bikini clad female body with Brietbart stickers covering the nipples. All I can say is,

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