This according to Karl Rove

    We need to be a party of solutions! We need to have a positive agenda!  We do really well when we are not seen as obstructionists! I guess my question

    If not Rand Paul then let’s really really work our butts off for Ted Cruz

    Since I have been on Redstate, I ‘ve seen a lot of hate for Rand Paul. I have touted his merits in the past and will not do so now, I know


    As of lately I am finding atheists to be very toxic and angry people.  Most likely they went to Catholic school, or have not recovered from their parents forcing them to

    Paul Ryan a Racist?

    Paul Ryan is now a racist for making a point about joblessness in black communities. Before that it was Bobby Jindal. I am not a fan of either of those

    “We need a positive message”

    We have heard that numerous times. “The Republicans better be prepared to present their own positive agenda.” “The republicans better have their own alternative to Obamacare.” We hear it from the Democrats

    A layman’s view of Liberalism/Socialism

    As always, I like to help those who are like me and are not policy wonks. What I am about to tell you is something you can sprinkle into a

    On uniting with the moderates.

    I am thinking a lot about what Thomas Sowell said about how if we do not unite with each other in the Republican Party we will go the same way

    Establishment Campaign Slogans

    Ok here is a little satire for Wednesday morning. Hopefully it amuses and educates. And I also hope the right people will read this and feel severely mocked. It’s painfully

    The WaterCooler~ We are suppose to be nice to Hillary in 2016

    Well well well! These guys never learn. This according to Rush: Rove and the RNC have told us we are supposed to be nice to Hillary Clinton in 2016. We

    Be in the moment.

    I have found in my own experience that I get respect when I just stand up and make myself heard. I don’t plan what I am going to say, I

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