Dear liberal, unfortunatley you made me care, and now so will you.

      A writer here on Redstate about a year ago claimed he did not care about gay marriage, or homosexuality. Honestly, I didn’t care either. I felt I really had other things in life to think about than those two topics. For example, I had groceries to buy, school to attend, and a household to support. And I would like to have been able to | Read More »

    Let’s make them bake a cake for once

    As the homosexual community erupts in flames over Indiana’s religious freedom law, and sanctimonious businesses threaten to pull out of Indiana(I suggest they go to California and enjoy the much more business friendly environment out there) I can’t help but wonder if Governor Mike Pence will hold the line or if he will cave. I lean toward caving. Just a feeling I get. Never the | Read More »

    The Anniversary of Selma Alabama

    This last weekend we had the anniversary of the March in Selma Alabama. The news was rife with images of the 1965 march and the violence that ensued, juxtaposed with the march of today where we saw our president front and  center, marching, and doing what he did best, which was to give a rousing speech. All in all, I’m ok with anniversary celebration. But, | Read More »

    Don’t fall for the Donny Deutsch trick

    I’ve seen this too many times, people getting ecstatic when a guy like Donny Deutsch appears to be seeing the light. As Republicans we have this fantasy that we will convert Libs to our way of thinking. Unfortunately, that never happens. It seems like it should , but it never does. Anyway, as I mention in the title, don’t fall for this trick, and don’t do | Read More »

    Another tactic to use in a discussion

    Okay. Since I am going away in a few short weeks and I will be hanging out with a liberal, I am arming myself with tactics. Here is one that I came up with that I think would be very effective if a lib spouts a position that you do not agree with but you just don’t have all the facts to rebut him or | Read More »

    Ben Shapiro

    I bought this yesterday on Amazon. It is a short easy read and full of great tips on how to respond and defeat liberals. I highly recommend it for all of us here on Redstate. It is to be read over and over. His rule# 10 struck me as very interesting and one which I think should be mastered. Rule#10:  Let the other side have meaningless victories. | Read More »

    How do you feel about “Gay Marriage”?

    It’s tough out there to be a garden variety Christian Republican. You don’t even have to be a Tea Party person to be branded a bigot. It’s real easy to haplessly find yourself in a discussion with a liberal where you are trying to be reasonable and maybe trying to exchange ideas. Sadly though, the one you are conversing with does not want to do | Read More »

    Thank you Karl Rove

    Even though this story is getting to be a little long in the tooth, I just want to take the time and thank Karl Rove for questioning Hillary’s mental health. This is exactly what we should be doing  to the other side. Why? Because through their actions and rhetoric they have made it clear they do not want to discuss ideas. They do not want | Read More »

    A Plumely crackpot crazy idea

    It would have been nice to have primaried  ole Mitch.  But for some or many reasons it did not work out that way. Boy I would just love to send Mcconnell a message by turning his own Machiavellian tactics on him by causing him to lose the general. We all know it’s what he and others in his position would do. But after some reflection, | Read More »

    What I wish Tony Blair had said to David Gregory on Meet The Press

    For your reading pleasure I have copied and pasted David Gregory’s question and Tony Blair’s response. “Isn’t the legacy of your leadership and that of President Bush in part responsible for the reality today?” Gregory asked. “Did the west fail to deal with the extremism you talk about today appropriately in Afghanistan in a sustainable way?” David Gregory “I think we did,” Blair said. “But | Read More »

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