God’s Not Dead

    I got the opportunity to see this movie yesterday and yes it is simplistic in its presentation and I think the creators are proud of that fact. In fact, there is even allusion to that notion in the movie as exemplified in a scene where the main character gets a text from the pastor he is seeking counsel from about how the student does not need | Read More »

    Cliven Bundy

    I am riffing off another poster and friend because he made some good points. Before we go any further, contrary to what some might think, I did not approve of all the things Cliven Bundy did. Most of all he should never have threatened a range war with the Federal Government. That not only put him in danger, but it put his family and those around him | Read More »

    Breitbart California

    Nancy Pelosi’s face super imposed on Miley Cyrus’s body twerking. Mark Zuckerberg’s face on a bikini clad female body with Brietbart stickers covering the nipples. All I can say is, it is about time folks. This is what activism looks like and this is the way we should engage libs.  And it is working. This what Debbie Wassserman Schultz had to say about it. “To say | Read More »

    This according to Karl Rove

    We need to be a party of solutions! We need to have a positive agenda!  We do really well when we are not seen as obstructionists! I guess my question is this: If all this is true, then what did we do wrong in ’12?  I felt we ran a very positive campaign? I am guessing the take away from Rove’s remarks should be, no | Read More »

    If not Rand Paul then let’s really really work our butts off for Ted Cruz

    Since I have been on Redstate, I ‘ve seen a lot of hate for Rand Paul. I have touted his merits in the past and will not do so now, I know my audience. Well ok, I will accept all of your judgement that he is not the one. If not him then let us really really work our butts off for Ted Cruz. I’m thinking that | Read More »


    As of lately I am finding atheists to be very toxic and angry people.  Most likely they went to Catholic school, or have not recovered from their parents forcing them to dress nicely and go to church, or Sunday School every Sunday. Instead of reflecting back on their experience and finding value in it, they feel God was shoved down their throats and are resentful. They would have | Read More »

    Paul Ryan a Racist?

    Paul Ryan is now a racist for making a point about joblessness in black communities. Before that it was Bobby Jindal. I am not a fan of either of those guys but I think regardless we had better stand up for these people and fight back. Maybe George Will can roll his eyes and dismiss these leftists but we can’t. This is only going to get worse | Read More »

    “We need a positive message”

    We have heard that numerous times. “The Republicans better be prepared to present their own positive agenda.” “The republicans better have their own alternative to Obamacare.” We hear it from the Democrats and we hear it from our own side, most recently, good ole Newt Gingrich at CPAC. On paper it makes sense and it seems reasonable. You persuade people with a positive message. You persuade people by offering | Read More »

    A layman’s view of Liberalism/Socialism

    As always, I like to help those who are like me and are not policy wonks. What I am about to tell you is something you can sprinkle into a conversation with liberals. I will try to make it as universal and versatile as possible. Here is all one needs to know about socialism/liberalism.  socialism/liberalism is an ideology rooted in the basic premise that the | Read More »

    On uniting with the moderates.

    I am thinking a lot about what Thomas Sowell said about how if we do not unite with each other in the Republican Party we will go the same way of those who opposed the Nazis. According to Sowell and history, the opposition to the Nazis was wiped out because they were fighting with each other and thusly divided and conquered. These next points are | Read More »

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