Political zingers for 2/6/14

    I have been collecting these since the new year has started and I thought I would share them with you all. They work best on social media, but if you

    Rand Paul endorsing Mitch McConnell

    We all know that Senator Rand Paul has endorsed Mitch McConnell.  In the latest from a Newsmax article, he is quoted as saying, “McConnell is not the problem, Democrats are.”

    Ezekial Emanuel

    I don’t really care if I spelled this cretin’s name right. Quite frankly this guy makes me angry. I can’t stand his voice. I can’t stand looking at him. Uggh!

    Rand Paul

    Everytime I see Rand Paul on TV, I pratically yell at it, begging him to announce his desire to run in 2016. There are many reasons for this, but right now

    GOP: No healthcare plan of their own.

    This weekend as I watched John Kerry talk about the deal with Iran, he touted the same defense for the deal the Democrats are using for Obamacare: “If you don’t

    Mitch McConnell: The Tea Party is the real bully and you deal with bullies by punching them in the nose

    This from Mitch McConnell at an American Cross Roads gathering on Oct 31st sponsored by none other than Karl Rove. So, according to Mitch, we are the bullies not Harry Reid,

    Thanksgiving dinner with your liberal relatives

    I got this idea from a comment on my yesterday’s diary, from a poster who made the point that not only are liberals your supposed friends, often times they are your relatives. They

    Standing up to liberals

    I am continuing on with my series about how to effectively deal with liberals.  This is a companion post to the one I posted yesterday in that it deals with

    Never be silent

    Most of my posts are on how to go on the attack in a political discussion with a liberal. However, sometimes it is just not possible for a number of

    What’s our plan Conservatives?

    I will first begin by stating another one of plumely’s rules for political war.   Plumely’s Rule for Political War # 5 The best strategies are ones that can be

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