Standing up to liberals

    I am continuing on with my series about how to effectively deal with liberals.  This is a companion post to the one I posted yesterday in that it deals with what to do when you are unprepared or caught off guard by a loud mouth Democrat. As I stated yesterday, in a lot of cases you are not always going to be equipped to have | Read More »

    Never be silent

    Most of my posts are on how to go on the attack in a political discussion with a liberal. However, sometimes it is just not possible for a number of reasons. So, with that said, here are a few verbal judo techniques you can use to get your two cents in regardless. The following are questions you can ask a loud mouth liberal. Do you | Read More »

    What’s our plan Conservatives?

    I will first begin by stating another one of plumely’s rules for political war.   Plumely’s Rule for Political War # 5 The best strategies are ones that can be easily articulated to those who have to implement them.   Right now one of the liberals” attack they use when trying to duck all the facts and figures that prove Obamacare to be the worst | Read More »

    Rule #1 from the Rules for Patriots

    Before I begin, let me state that these are not the same Rules for Patriots being circulated by Matthew Kibbe of Freedomworks. Those are a diffrent set and can be acquired for free from the Freedomworks website. I would urge everyone to take a look at those too. They are more formal and speak more to setting up activist groups. I am getting the ones | Read More »

    The Water Cooler~ A few things to remember about Liberals.

    I am a Christian first and a Conservative second. A liberal is a liberal period. That is their religion. Whereas I devote my life and center it around serving God, theirs is completely focused on serving the cause of Liberalism. To them Liberalism/ Socialism/Marxism is the path to enlightenment and nothing else matters. As a result, they can be rascist, sexist, vulgar and violent as | Read More »

    Rule # 4 from the Rules for Patriots

    There is a document being circulated called “Rules for Patriots’ that is a version of Saul Alinksy’s “Rules for Radicals”. What I plan to do is a series of diaries breaking down all of the rules and showing how these rules can be applied to our everyday lives. In this segment we will talk about Rule# 4 Rule #4 Never defend. Let your position be known | Read More »

    The Water Cooler~ What the GOP primary challengers should do.

    Ok sports fans, the one thing to come out of all of this Defund O care/ shutdown excercise is that we know that  the EstablishementRNC is our enemy. It’s not about a difference of opinion on how to achieve a common goal. They have nothing in common with us in the Tea Party and the grass roots. With that said, it is quite clear that there | Read More »

    Mental Toughness

    Ok loyal Conservatives, because of this shutdown we are being called a lot of things. The most egregious of those things is terrorists. Funny, the liberals who are calling us people with bombs strapped to our chests can never seem to express much outrage over the real suicide bombers who have killed men, women and children in a place like Israel. They put  Dzhokar Tsarnev on | Read More »

    Beautiful Losers

    I am so sorry to have to write this. I hate critcizing our own side when there is much to criticize about the left. But, it seems that the House is ready to make deal with the President on the Debt Ceiling , which does not address the Obamacare Delay(this according to World Net Daily). Did I expect this? Yes. Was I hoping that I | Read More »

    The Water Cooler~ We are winning!

    I am taking my cues from Rush Limbaugh. According him Harry Reid had to apologize for being too nasty and personal in Congress and for his children with cancer comment. Rand Paul and Mitch McConne(I know his name is mud around these parts) were caught on ahot mic saying they think they can win this. Obama cancelled a trip to Asia. To me these are signs | Read More »