What else can I show you?

    I apologize if this diary is schizophrenic. My point is to say that we have done everything we can to educate people on how bad Obamacare is, and no one is

    Take the hit!!

    I just finished watching the Ted Cruz interview on Meet the Press with David Gregory. Gregory grilled Ted Cruz and did everything short of saying he was flatout wrong. I

    The Water Cooler~ Harry Reid

    This is just piggybacking on a comment on my previous diary. I asked in my own comment what Harry Reid does for the state of Nevada. Another poster (and let

    Let it burn

    Ok, forget what I said yesterday, I am here to stay and Plumely it is.  As a lot of you pointed out, the name comes with a definite brand. I

    The last post about Ted Cruz

    We can all thank Ted Cruz for creating the template for which all future candidates courting our votes must follow and they must deliver on that template. This sentiment is not

    The Water Cooler ~ Tomjeffersonsghost

    In the past few days the poster of who goes by the handle of Tomjeffersonsghost has posted some very profanity laced diaries in faux support of Ted Cruz. To see

    The Water Cooler ~ McCain Staffer: My boss F!@ng hates Ted Cruz

    said a McCain advisor to GQ’s Jason Zengrele. “He is just offended by his style.” I don’t know about you but I think the moral high ground to be offended

    The Water Cooler ~ Update David Guth is now on administrative leave

    Yesterday I wrote a letter to the Chancellor of KU  demanding that David Guth be dismissed. Today I received an email from Bernadette Little Gray saying he has been placed

    The significance of defunding Obamacare for Republicans

    Defunding Obamacare is about more than just stopping a “trainwreck. Permit me to bend your ear with the following points about defunding Obamacare. A. It is about our trust and

    What should have happened in Syria.

    OK, now I am no diplomat, foriegn policy whiz, or military strategist– Although, I do play a lot of Risk on the computer. But as I look at the president’s muddled