Death Benefits

    Where have General’s Dempsey, Odierno, Amos, Welsh, and Grass, along with Admirals Winnefeld and Greenert been hiding? They are the members of the Joint Chief’s of Staff and have all been conspicuously missing in the fight over death benefits for our fallen soldiers. Their silence is deafening, and speaks volumes at the same time. Their silence can only mean they could care less about the | Read More »

    All About Choices

    Life is about choices and those choices have consequences. The pundits have been busy lately pushing the default meme the Whitehouse is screeching about. We have all heard of the impending Armageddon if the debt ceiling isn’t lifted. We will default, we will have skyrocketing interest rates, we are playing a dangerous game of chicken. The problem is none of that is true or at | Read More »

    The Social Security Fraud

    ? Yesterday the President raised the stakes in the debate over the debt ceiling increase. Like every Democrat before him instead of debate the President resorted to scare tactics. However in this case, the President unwittingly exposed himself, the democrats, and the media complex as fraudsters and liars. The American left has always kicked the Social Security can down the road, claiming that the popular | Read More »

    Pundits Cry: Woe Be Me for the President

    The Pathetic pawns in the liberal media are missing the point entirely when it comes to the oil spill non response from the Obama administration.  The pathetic pawns are worried for their chosen one because of Obama’s lack of coherent leadership.  Instead on focusing on what the government could be doing to avert a catastrophic disaster they pathetic pawns focus one what the government can’t | Read More »

    America Strikes Out

    The Health Care vote resulted in the American people and reality striking out. Obama came out and said this is what change looks like. Al Sharpton came out and said the American people overwhelmingly voted for Socialism when they elected Obama. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have done everything behind closed doors and cut so many backroom deals that America may not ever know the | Read More »

    The Hypocritical Left

    After passing health care reform is there any doubt who the party of hypocrites is? The so-called party of “choice” just took away the choice of every American. The Democrats pursue abortion at any cost and portray it as “choice”. Planned Parenthood has a meme it pushes of “Its my body”. Yet when it comes to health care it is not the body of the | Read More »

    Another Iran Deadline Comes And Goes

    The Obama administration issued a deadline for Iran to swap its enriched Uranium for Nuclear fuel.  This deadline has come and passed and Obama is still playing golf in Hawaii.  <a href=””>Iran on the other hand issued a counter proposal</a> in the form of an ultimatum. The Ultimatum is that either the West sells Iran highly enriched Nuclear fuel now or Iran sends much less | Read More »

    Obama Votes Present

    Yet another 3:00 am moment and Obama is no where to be found. Iran is in udder self destruct mode and the President refuses to get off the Golf course. The streets in Tehran are a river of blood. Protesters have taken to the streets and are being shoot down by the brutal Iranian regime. At least 15 people are dead including a Mousavi relative. | Read More »