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    Hypothetical Ethics, Abortion And Torture

    From the Transcript: “. . . on abortion . . . I think abortion is a moral issue and an ethical issue.” “What I’ve said — and I will repeat — is that waterboarding violates our ideals and our values. I do believe that it is torture.” “I’m not going to engage in — in hypotheticals of that sort.” concerning nuclear arms. Funny how Obama | Read More »

    Credit Card Market Share And Obama

    Obama herded all the credit card CEO’s into the principals office…AKA White House…to “work” with them and see what they could do to help the American consumer.  Well, here are his words, “We think it’s important that we get input from the credit card issuers as we shape this reform.” Who does he think that he is kidding? Has Obama ever just brought CEOs over | Read More »

    Obama And The Hypocrisy Of Blame

    Funny how Obama and the democrats blame the financial institutions for creating an opportunity for uncredit worthy customers to get a homes they could not afford but blame the drug addicts, the  customers, for the actions of the drug cartels.  In other words, Obama blames the mortgage companys for lending money and thus the customers who freely entered into those contracts are not responsible for them. However, while in Trinidad, Obama blames | Read More »

    Just A Tea Party Blurb About Meaning – Update

    Here is a link to the photos: Atlanta Tea Party Photo Gallery (220 photos) Honestly, I am surprised that the Tea Parties are still getting some press.  But even when the press does give it a nod it’s liken to the scene in  “Animal Farm” where the horse, Boxer, is being lead into a trailer that reads “Horse Slaughterer and Glue Boiler” but Squealer tells everyone that it was | Read More »


    Obama’s Hypocritical Blame-Game

    In press conferences in America Obama does not hesitate to place blame on “greedy” capitalism for the existence of poverty and social injustices of American citizens. However, when Obama visits other countries he blames their poverty and social injustices, not from their very own socialists, communists or dictator but from greedy American citizens who salt the earth for their insatiable desire to consume. Take mexico | Read More »