Gay New Yorkers One Step Closer to Becoming Straight

    from PoliticalPyro: Gay New Yorkers One Step Closer to Becoming Straight   Gay marriage has been legalized in New York. OK fine. Does this diminish the straight marriages that have existed there for over 200 years? No. But does this “landmark legislation” in any way propel gay people in New York into “normal” status. Sadly, no. And there is my problem. Forty years ago, gay | Read More »

    The Evidence of God

    from The Evidence of God, Stephen Hawking recently wrote an article for the Wall Street Journal proclaiming he knows “Why God Did Not Create the Universe”. Of course, Hawking is merely hawking his new book, The Grand Design, but all his chatter about multiverses appearing spontaneously and adhering to M-theory sounds more like Patchouli incense intoxication combined with a few too many bong hits | Read More »

    Media Assassination

    from Political Pyro : Kirsten Powers deserves an A+ in stupidity. Finally, an elitist New York liberal posing as a “journalist” has written a piece, The GOP’s Long, Hot, Racist Summer, that manages to falsely portray the GOP’s stance on every single current issue ranging from illegal immigrants to voter intimidation to interracial marriage and racism. Let me begin by saying that Ms. Powers, writer | Read More »

    Shadowland: The End of the Line On President Obama’s Underground Railroad

    To hear President Obama speaking ad nauseum of the messes he inherited from George W. Bush, one might easily confuse the current president’s situation with Harry Truman’s. Unlike Lyndon Johnson who ran for the presidency in 1960 but settled for second place, Harry Truman never vied for the office and perhaps never desired it. Truman was belatedly chosen to run on the ticket with Franklin | Read More »

    Obama Running for President of Black America

    from John McCain recently revealed in an interview with George Stephanopoulos that he supported the proposed amendment to the Arizona Constitution that would ban “preferential treatment” on the basis of “race, sex, color, ethnicity or national origin.” Barack Obama immediately fired back saying he was “disappointed” in McCain’s position. “You know, the truth of the matter is, these are not designed to solve a | Read More »