Former NSA Intelligence Analyst/Russian language analyst. Area of expertise: Marxism, Soviet Communism. NH resident.


    Marxist Theory and Communist Reality Come Face to Face in Ukraine

    A Marxist theorist and Communist realist are head to head in the battle for the once Soviet controlled Ukraine. When this is over, one leader will triumph, another skulk away. The differences between Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama and their ability to lead will be more blatantly obvious as this crisis wears on. With Russian troops reportedly in Crimea, Obama has once again and laughingly | Read More »

    Is it Time to Take the GOP Off Life Support?

    This may not be very welcome on Red State in some corners, but I think this must be said. . You draw your own conclusions. When something in your life, for example: clothing, wears out to the point you can’t walk in public and be considered decently clothed or a car is beyond repair, you replace it, and throw out the old one, right? I | Read More »

    Snowden: Putin’s Newest BF…Well..Until He’s Not

    The traitor to our country and NSA, Edward Snowden, is now making the rounds of the major Communist countries; China and Russia, with either Ecuador or Venezuela or possibly Cuba being a final destination. Who knows, it may be someplace no one ever thought about. For all of you who labeled him a hero, I must excuse your ignorance on national security issues. If you | Read More »

    NSA: Obama’s Charlie McCarthy?

    The lid has been blown off of the Obama administration’s misuse of the National Security Agency’s capabilities. This latest scandal has damaged our national security and the intelligence agency’s credibility to the extent that it may take years to recover. The whistleblower, Edward Snowden, who was first a CIA employee, then a contractor with Booz Allen, Hamilton at NSA has come forward saying he was: | Read More »