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Born and raised in a middle-class family in Chicago. I


    Abuse of Power. Dereliction of Duty. If the shoe fits, wear it, Mr. President

    What do you think Americans would say if they learned that while Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty were fighting for their lives atop the US Consulate in Benghazi, that their President was on the phone with campaign donors, or prepping for his Las Vegas fundraiser the next day.  Throughout all the hearings and testimony thus far, the one fact we do know is this,  not | Read More »

    Washington moves on. Our enemies watch, learn and wait.

    Dana Milbank’s column in today’s Washington Post discusses the muted response of the pols to the Boston Marathon bombing, and how the conversation on both the House and Senate floors now moves on and back to the usual normalcy and current hot topics of the day, gun control and immigration reform. On February 26, 1993, a truck bomb detonated at the World Trade Center in New | Read More »

    Gun control – Chicago Style (or bring a bat to the fight)

    In the midst of gun control legislation offered by various Senators, from an assault weapons ban and magazine limits, to the now pre-eminent gun control bill in the Senate, Manchin-Toomey, I thought I would share with you gun control, Chicago-style, a.k.a. bring a bat to the fight. The City of Chicago has some of the toughest, strictest gun laws in the country.  In 2010, the | Read More »

    They Stuck Us with Chuck

    Eighteen spineless wonders in the Senate voted for cloture, ending debate over Hagel’s nomination.  Instead of a 60 vote requirement to end a filibuster,  the result was the need for only a simple majority of the Senate voting for successful confirmation as Secretary of Defense.  A big thank you from the voters goes to that claque of erudite Senators led by none other than John “Keating | Read More »

    Chris Kyle, thank you. R.I.P.

    In a time when we Americans have so few heroes to look up to and role models to emulate, we learned today that Chris Kyle, ex-Navy SEAL, who served four tours in Iraq and holds the military record for most sniper kills was fatally shot at a Texas gun range.  He and another man, Chad Littlefield, were killed by an ex-Marine reportedly suffering from PTSD. | Read More »

    We can put a man on the moon, but we can’t secure our Embassies

    After the Benghazi debacle, obviously no Regional Security Officers (RSOs) at the State Dept were ever boy scouts, otherwise, they would have practiced the famous motto, “be prepared.”   From Hurriyet Daily News via  Commentary magazine comes the report that the Embassy’s security cameras weren’t working because of a power outage in the neighborhood.  What! US Embassy entrance in Ankara after | Read More »

    Senator Ted Cruz … if only we had 99 more just like him

    I’m not from Texas, I don’t live in Texas, and perhaps there may be some background/public service information that I’m not aware of that could alter my opinion.  However, listening to Sen. Cruz’s questioning of Chuck Hagel today before the Senate Armed Services Committee, coupled with his recent letter to Rahmbo, in my opinion sets him up for a future White House run.  Bravo, sir! | Read More »


    Gun Control in Illinois … a Woman’s POV

    What would cause a woman, who has lived all but three years of her life in peaceful and safe environments, to join the NRA, complete their basic pistol course, and beginning shopping semi-automatic handguns? Without even elaborating on the subject of Second Amendment rights, the increasing government incursion into our daily lives, and the government assuming a tyrannical posture not witnessed before in this author’s | Read More »

    “What difference, at this point, does it make?”

    Angry, fighting words from Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, this morning in response to a question from Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) when he questioned her about the Administration’s often repeated response blaming the Benghazi attack on a YouTube video. Madame Secretary then follows her arrogant-sounding comment with, to paraphrase, it’s less important to find out why these militants did this, than to find them and | Read More »

    Four more years …. four more long years

    I had a phone call last night, you know, one of those “donation” calls.  I gave the caller a flat-out “no.”  “My paycheck decreased 5% on January 1,” I said, “and I have four mouths to feed here at home.  I have to make cuts and your charity is one of them.  Less money, fewer donations.” It’s rather depressing.  Unemployment is teetering below 8%, but | Read More »