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Born and raised in a middle-class family in Chicago. I


    Senator Ted Cruz … if only we had 99 more just like him

    I’m not from Texas, I don’t live in Texas, and perhaps there may be some background/public service information that I’m not aware of that could alter my opinion.  However, listening to Sen. Cruz’s questioning of Chuck Hagel today before the Senate Armed Services Committee, coupled with his recent letter to Rahmbo, in my opinion sets him up for a future White House run.  Bravo, sir! | Read More »


    Gun Control in Illinois … a Woman’s POV

    What would cause a woman, who has lived all but three years of her life in peaceful and safe environments, to join the NRA, complete their basic pistol course, and beginning shopping semi-automatic handguns? Without even elaborating on the subject of Second Amendment rights, the increasing government incursion into our daily lives, and the government assuming a tyrannical posture not witnessed before in this author’s | Read More »

    “What difference, at this point, does it make?”

    Angry, fighting words from Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, this morning in response to a question from Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) when he questioned her about the Administration’s often repeated response blaming the Benghazi attack on a YouTube video. Madame Secretary then follows her arrogant-sounding comment with, to paraphrase, it’s less important to find out why these militants did this, than to find them and | Read More »

    Four more years …. four more long years

    I had a phone call last night, you know, one of those “donation” calls.  I gave the caller a flat-out “no.”  “My paycheck decreased 5% on January 1,” I said, “and I have four mouths to feed here at home.  I have to make cuts and your charity is one of them.  Less money, fewer donations.” It’s rather depressing.  Unemployment is teetering below 8%, but | Read More »

    Obama Administration – gun control by Executive Order?

    “What are YOU prepared to do?”   These were the last words of the character John Malone to Elliott Ness in “The Untouchables,” when it appeared that Al Capone had outwitted, outsmarted the system and would get away with not only tax evasion but murder.  Those words appear to be applicable for what Americans are up against with the ongoing, knee-jerk reaction of the Progressives/Democrats, | Read More »

    One woman NOT fawning over Hillary

    If you’ve read the Sunday New York Times article, or watched the Sunday morning talk shows, specifically “Meet the Press”, you couldn’t escape the advent of the political speculation about 2016 and will Hillary run or won’t she?  Newt Gingrich commented: She’s very formidable as a person and is a very confident person. She is married to the most popular Democrat in the country. They | Read More »

    Amb. Susan Rice – her background speaks volumes when it comes to Benghazi

    The ongoing problem with the Obama Administration is its choice of foot soldiers and Kool-Aid drinking ideologues for key positions, rather than its selection of people who question, have differing views and can raise the level of debate when it comes to policy issues and events affecting the lives of Americans. Susan Rice met with Senators John McCain, Lindsay Graham, and Kelly Ayotte today to | Read More »

    The 2012 Campaign – from the mouth of Jim Messina

    While there may be many RedState readers who don’t normally read, I sure do.  President Obama’s national campaign manager, Jim Messina, has his 10 takeaways from this past political campaign.  It’s worth reading and digesting, especially Point #2, “hire smart people,”  where Messina relates the advice that Google co-founder, Eric Schmidt, gave him, which led to the hugely successful data-driven campaign micro-targeting voters, who | Read More »

    US’ words have consequences …. or maybe not

    Also known as with friends like us, who needs enemies.  When the US can’t verbally support one of its major allies…. But why should we wonder, when we have a President on the world stage who can’t even correctly pronounce the names of world leaders, one of whom, deserves that respect perhaps moreso than others, Burmese opposition leader, and world human rights activist, Aung San | Read More »

    The Benghazi Issue Non-Issue

    Four Americans dead.  An ongoing “investigation.”  The President comments on softball questions  in his presser yesterday, with the media failing to follow up with pointed questions.  Their lack of response is due to stupidity or hero worship, (remember that giggling reporter, “I’ve never seen you lose”) rather than “inquiring minds want to know.” The President used Sir Galahad bravado coming to the defense of Amb. Susan | Read More »