I Am The Mob

    I am The Mob. I am a daughter, sister, wife, mother. I am a proud Christian holder of conservative beliefs. My great-great-grandfather was a Pawnee indian. He saw many of his tribesfolk sold down the path of government care, both health and finance, when they signed their treaties. He saw first hand the freedoms one loses when one travels that path. He chose to not | Read More »

    Nothing Could Possibly Go Wrong, Right?

    I’m starting to think science fiction afficionados are running the world. Or at least those who don’t take the warnings outlined in almost every sci-fi genre possible seriously. I am not making this up. You have people reverse engineering dinosaurs ignoring the warnings of Jeff Goldblum. (Who is not dead, if you believe his very young girlfriend.) You have aircraft firing tactical lasers. (Red leader, | Read More »

    A Danger of Obamacare

    I am of the belief (and I’m sure I’m not alone here) that socializing, nationalizing, whatever you want to call it, health care is the absolute worst thing for America, and I feel my story is a good example why. Nine years ago was the worst summer of my life. I was pregnant and due to other medical conditions, was high risk. I was put | Read More »

    Be Careful, They’re Watching!

    As a female wanting to break into the online journoblogger world, how am I supposed to take the recent Playboy article? I can do this, but because I fall to the right of center, I better be expecting this kind of stuff? Or better question, how am I supposed to take the mostly silence to the Climate of Hate that was displayed? From the left, | Read More »

    A Tale of Two Cities

    It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. I was driving to my sister’s house to spend the holiday doing stuff with her, and I had to take a detour around four blocks of my small town’s four block downtown section because they were having a parade. About 95% of the town residence (approx. 3,000 reside here) were in attendance, either | Read More »

    Silent Change

    Today, I noticed a change. Let me be straight, I don’t like change, even when it comes in the form of slow-motion to be hardly noticed. In fact, it is the slow-motion as to be hardly noticed until it is too late change I hate the most! For about a year, the fellow who sold our two vehicles to us has been calling us daily | Read More »

    Barney Frank

    Hot Air has the story. Money quote: Frank charged that conservatives aim to shift blame for the market meltdown away from Wall Street and toward minority-lending laws like the federal Community Reinvestment Act. “The bizarre notion that the Community Reinvestment Act . . . somehow is the cause of the whole problem, (conservatives) don’t mind that,” the lawmaker said. “They’re aware that the affordable-housing goals | Read More »

    So and So Is Not the So and So I Thought I Knew

    Ever notice how hungry the Obamabus gets? Every time someone mildly associated with Obama gets called out for radical viewpoints, “nom nom nom” goes the Obamabus. It loves the radicals! Very stringy, but very meaty! Jeremiah Wright Franklin Raines Jim Johnson Tony Rezko Fr. Michael Pfleger Samantha Power “Had Barack Obama kicked her off of his advisory panel (rumored to number 300) after making remarks | Read More »