Absolute believer in the Constitution I practice the 2nd amendment religiously To me, Ron Paul is nothing more than a scumbag who is deserving of absolute contempt and our disrespect. His cult members are nothing more than the crappy smelling substance you get on the bottom of your shoe when walking around a very populated dog park. But then again, calling the Ron Paul fan club dog crap is quite insulting to the crap. No patience for democrats, in fact, I despise them all And even less patience for those among us who spew ignorance or do not stand on the conservative side. To me, you are even worse than a democrat who at least admits they intend to destroy this country.


    Should Government sponsor art?

    My opinion is no. It is yet another aspect of our governments philosophy of spending money left and right and their belief that our money is their money. That being said… The major point of contention here is not so much the funding of art by the government, it is the funding of art that is obviously an attack on a faith. While I think | Read More »

    Obama gets popped in the mouth, needs stitches.

    Once in awhile, it is hard to not take a certain level of enjoyment out of someones pain. This is one of those times. We put in office one the worst possible persons we could have put in. His lack of experience was only overshadowed by his complete arrogance. He has bowed to leader of other countries when he should have been standing tall. He | Read More »


    Obama God of all things

    Yes you heard that right, Newsweek has made Obama a deity. It is not surprising that the left feels Obama is a deity, a cursory search of google and the words Obama halo gives a person over 750,000 results. Some are a parody, some a protest, but many are done with the intent of elevating the status of Obama to being great or even to | Read More »


    It is all about jobs dummy………….

    Both sides claim to be the smartest, have all the answers, know what is best, but when you set all the bullpoo aside, who really are the smartest? Many years ago, my father told me that some of the dumbest people were the ones with the biggest degrees. As a kid, I simply looked at him with glazed eyes all while trying to stifle a | Read More »

    ***NSFW*** Abortion, The Evil Within Us *** NSFW ***

    Abortion, a word that brings out serious emotions from every side of the political spectrum. On one side, you have progressives that demand abortion stay legal so that a woman’s choice is not impeded on while on the conservative side, you have a belief that a fetus is a human deserving of the same protections we as born humans have. So what side is right, | Read More »

    Keep your mouths shut for the sake of the cause!~

    That title is pretty straightforward and easy to understand. And even a dummy can understand what it means, but just in case there are a few here that are unable to comprehend the meaning, let me explain. Our country was nearly destroyed over the last two years. I would guess that we have not seen all the damage yet to come as the things Obama | Read More »

    America is Dying Right Before Our Very Eyes

    and I am not sure if we can stop it anymore. In todays political environment, sides are split just about even. If 100 million votes are cast, it can be safely guessed that each party will receive roughly half. What decides the eventual winner of the presidential race is the breakdown of states and their electoral college votes. For quite some time, we have been | Read More »

    Tell us it ain’t so Harry Reid, A second scandal?

    My proverbial ink has not yet dried when yet another scandal hit the Reid camp. We just heard about the close aide to Reid that had carried on a fraudulent marriage to aid a dangerous felon to achieve citizenship. Now we get to hear about a new and twisted scandal emanating from the leftist Reid. Voters in one Nevada city are complaining that Senate Majority | Read More »

    Scandal hits Harry Reids Campaign

    In a very close race, scandals can be the nail in the coffin for any politician. Well lets hope this scandal is the key to putting Sharon Angle over the top. A former aide to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid repeatedly lied to federal immigration and FBI agents and submitted false federal documents to the Department of Homeland Security to cover up her illegal seven-year | Read More »

    Pure political stupidity!

    The Fair Housing Act was intended to prevent people from discriminating against a person based on their skin color or handicap. It was never intended to force people to live with others who are complete opposites their faith, beliefs, or gender. The law was never meant to force a young lady to have to rent her second bedroom to a young guy filled with sexual | Read More »