Obama’s handling of the Arizona law could spell defeat for Dems this fall

When the Arizona Judge ruled in favor of the federal government on most provisions of the law, she may have inadvertently also ruled in favor of political suicide for the Obama administration.
When examining an issue as broad as this one, we need to view it from a “big picture” point of view. The Arizona law is extraordinarily popular in the United States with more than sixty percent of American voters in firm support of it as it stood.

Therefore, from the public’s point of view, Obama’s solution to solving the immigration problem and securing our border is simply to punish the one state that’s doing something about it, not to mention they did it with our tax dollars. Now the American people will be able to focus their blame for federal inaction directly on the administration and perhaps the entire DNC.

The suit against Arizona was always an unpopular one on both sides of the isle. Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick (D-Ariz.), has criticized the administration’s lawsuit, saying the ruling marked just the beginning of months of costly courtroom battles (again, financed by taxpayers) in a case that is widely expected to end up at the Supreme Court by many legal analysts. The Democratic senator went on to state “The administration needs to stop pursuing this distraction and start working with us to get the border region under control and develop a national immigration strategy.”

Republicans are aiming sharp criticism of the administration as well- Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas), has came out and stated that the most important lesson for all of us is “the Obama administration needs to make immigration reform and border security a priority because this is what happens when states are basically left to their own devices to try to protect their own people.”

While the actual rationale behind the president’s decision to target Arizona and his subsequent federal inaction on the border may be somewhat clouded, I suspect that he, along with advisors from the Center for American Progress, was attempting to boost the turnout of Hispanic voters and bring them into a solid position of allegiance to the left wing. Ironically, since taking office, his approval ratings among Hispanics dropped to fifty-four percent and falling, rendering the fall elections more difficult to predict.

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