Obama’s stance on immigration spells defeat for Dems in Fall

      The Obama administration’s recent dealing with Arizona and their overall effectiveness at combating the vast immigration problem facing this country has been done with great disrespect to all law-abiding American citizens.

     He has openly threatened all local, county, or state governments that have the audacity to take control of the chaos in their own backyards and it is being driven by open-borders extremists who have populated this administration and dedicated their political careers to subverting sound national defense policies under the auspices of “compassion and diversity”.

       What’s particularly fascinating about this wayward policy is that 61% of likely U.S. voters oppose “sanctuary cities” that prohibit police officers from inquiring about an individual’s immigration status and also support a law similar to Arizona SB1070 for their own state (Rasmussen, July 2010).  Further, 67% of U.S. voters say that military troops should be deployed to the Mexican border to prevent illegal immigration (CNN, May 2010).

      So Why has President Obama sued to invalidate the Arizona law and incurred the opposition of even Democratic congressmen from the Phoenix and Tucson areas by trying remove a law that two-thirds of Arizonans support?

        For Obama to have a shot at keeping Democrats in control of Congress, he must strategically rehash the 2008 enthusiasm of minorities he once enjoyed. Unfortunately for him, the Hispanic support column that once defined his administration has weakened substantially and the Arizona lawsuit is an eleventh-hour endeavor to rebuild his wilting strength with Hispanic voters who continue to be furious with this administration for failing to keep the Obama election-year promise to promote comprehensive immigration reform.

           What’s worse, far-left Democrats (with whom Obama has populated his entire administration) won’t embrace enforcement and proper reform because the unions won’t let them and because they want illegal immigrants to stay in the country so they may become future Democratic voters.

      Despite Obama’s stance on the immigration issue, Ed Morrissey wrote an article citing polls showing that likely Latino voters may actually be in favor of SB1070 – by 58% perhaps!

       So what is the answer on immigration reform? The feds must strengthen penalties and enforcement of laws barring people and companies from hiring illegal immigrants, thus drying up potential jobs that may attract illegals in the first place. We must require every company and agency to verify the citizenship of their employees and those who want to apply for work.  As such, those who are here will return home without costly deportations.

      Lastly, we should establish a guest-worker program to bring workers into the U.S. temporarily in order to fill our labor-force needs because having such a *legal* system of work will ensure that the nation receives all the taxes justly owed to it.  Perhaps more importantly, it should calm the liberals because all guest workers will earn at least the minimum wage and have health benefits (being an argument they often make on the issue).  We must realize that no nation in history has been able to survive without sound laws and insistence that all those in the land follow them.  Without adherence to societal restrictions we wouldn’t be a nation at all, but an anarchy.


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