citizens create grassroots action against the rise of radical Islam

        On Thursday September 30th, the Northern Virginia Chapter of Act! for America held a Meeting featuring founder and President Brigette Gabriel and author / counterterrorism expert David Gaubatz, who wrote the book Muslim Mafia – an Exposé

that tells the story of David’s son Chris who, at great personal risk to himself, worked for months within the CAIR office in Washington D.C. to uncover the true agenda of the organization by collecting over 15,000 documents which clearly demonstrated the hidden link between CAIR, the Holy Land Foundation, and the Muslim brotherhood. Prior to writing the book, Mr. Gaubatz, served 12 years as a Special Agent in the Air Force Office of Special Investigations, deployed to Iraq, and was part of Operation Iraqi Freedom where he served a leadership role in the daring rescue of PFC Jessica Lynch as well as the Iraqi attorney who protected her.

    Act! For America is the nation’s largest issues advocacy organization dedicated to mobilizing the most powerful grassroots citizen action network in America – largely at the local level. Act! is committed to informed and coordinated civic action that will lead to public policies that promote America’s national security and the defense of American democratic values against the assault of radical Islam and the spread of Islamofascism and Mr. Gaubatz and Ms. Gabriel now regularly travel the nation addressing various local groups on radical Islam and The event on Thursday was sponsored by the local chapter of ACT! For America

   The organization’s founder and president, Brigette Gabriel, is a Lebanese-born Christian who lived eight years under militant Islam in her native country. She migrated to America and after 9/11 started the American Congress for Truth and ACT for America organizations. She has also authored two New York Times best-selling books Because They Hate and They Must be Stopped, both of which describe her experiences with radical Islam and how free societies must overcome this ideology in this country and around the world. Ms. Gabriel has also addressed Congress and leaders of various countries. She regularly appears on all the major news networks such as FOX News, MSNBC, and CNN


     The Northern Virginia event featured several speakers and attendees who collectively addressed issues such as Islam creeping into curriculum in local schools, the continued affirmation by the Obama administration of Muslim brotherhood front-groups like CAIR (an unregistered foreign agent under the Foreign Agent Registration Act)

     The lesson of the event was purely instructional:  Ms. Gabriel spoke powerfully about the necessity of addressing the rising threat of Islam in the west the continual pandering to the groups by left-wing media personalities and leaders. 

“I witnessed this growing up in a bomb shelter in Lebanon watching media reports that never seemed to line up with what we Christians in Lebanon were experiencing at the hands of militant Muslims. I saw this again as news anchor of World News for Middle East Television in the 1980s, as I reported on the rise of Islamic terrorism.”

Bottom line from Act! For America:  Radical Islamists are in this country and have become masters of media manipulation – a task made quite simple by the degree of willful neglect and political correctness so epidemic in the media and among world leaders. They have had decades of practice to learn how willfully gullible much of the Western press is when it comes to their alleged grievances and their claims of victimization.

Today, Islamists are emboldened by an administration that is incapable of defining ‘jihad’ and President Obama has made clear by his actions that he sees Israel as the barrier to peace in the Mideast. Islamists expect the very response they are now getting from much of the world community, the media, and the Obama administration in the wake of the Gaza Flotilla incident. However, this much is true: there is now a professional organization dedicated to defeating the spread of sharia in the United States.


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