Politically Speaking, Is There A Doctor In The House?

    Great doctors do the impossible; they save the un-savable. Doctors innovate and create new procedures to cure patients at the risk of criticism from their peers, as well as the risks of lawsuits. Great doctors think beyond the known in order to save a patient because the immediate life of the patient is paramount above all else. So why can’t Washington politicians act like great doctors | Read More »

    Delays At The Airport…So What?

    Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano trumpeted the alarm that slow downs are occurring at airports. Sorry, Jan, but the crying wolf bit is really getting old. Moreover, the squeaky wheel isn’t getting the grease this time around because the American people’s pocketbooks are tapped out. In the era of Big Government, it appears that Washington must finally learn how to do more with | Read More »

    Hello, America. This is your gun speaking.

    In response to the recent tragic deaths of innocent children and adults, there is a movement by liberals and moderates to increase gun regulations in order to decrease gun ownership.  I encourage the liberals to clamor for more controls and regulations on guns.  Let the knee-jerk reactionists demand the confiscation of private property.  Please, let them because their endless diatribes are solely based upon emotion, devoid | Read More »

    Beware: Collectivism Destroys Individualism

    Today’s labor unions are the epitome of collectivism, and in light of current fights for individual liberty and the right to work law in Michigan, I think these words are extremely relevant: “The Only Path To Tomorrow” “The greatest threat to mankind and civilization is the spread of the totalitarian philosophy. Its best ally is not the devotion of its followers but the confusion of | Read More »

    Obama: Over-promised. Under-delivered.

    Suppose for a moment that you own a business that sells a product.  Business is growing and you must hire a sales representative to sell your brand.  Of course, you interview a multitude of people and finally settle on someone who has a fantastic resume, education, and promises you the moon if hired.  Your newly hired sales rep hits the bricks with lofting goals of | Read More »

    Obama Flexes Military Muscles Against The Weak

    Under the premise of protecting the Libyan people, Obama inserted the United States into a foreign civil war, costing taxpayers nearly a trillion dollars.  I believe that a flexing of American military muscle is needed from time to time because it keeps our enemies at bay. However, picking on a weak, third world country is simple bullying and Obama has a lot of explaining to | Read More »

    Congressional Black Caucus Job Fair Ignores Reality

    The Congressional Black Caucus ignores the reality that the number of available jobs for people willing to work is staggeringly small by comparison.  They also ignore the political reality: government can’t create jobs.  The CBC can hold a thousand job fairs, if they wish, but a fact remains: employers aren’t hiring.  Until the CBC decides to end their objections to cutting business taxes and reducing | Read More » Loves The CINO, Huntsman. Ask Yourself, “Why?”

    The Vogue article on Jon Huntsman is the most recent attempt by the media to pick the GOP candidate for conservative.  The 110% fluff piece is written by Jacob Weisberg, a writer for Newsweek and is editor-in-chief of The Washington Post’s Slate Group, and portrays the former Utah governor is a highly favorable light.  Normally, when a GOP candidate gets favorable press, conservative fall to their | Read More »

    GOP Shouldn’t Use Reagan Litmus Test To Choose Candidate

    Republicans have longed for a conservative candidate; a real conservative.  Not a campaign conservative.  Not a fiscal conservative, social moderate hybrid.  Republicans long for a new Reagan.  But is America going to find the next Ronald Reagan to undo the years of creeping liberalism? Today, many conservatives believe that you must pass a litmus test to be a member of their club.  To most, a conservative | Read More »

    Obama Chooses Partisan Rebuttals Over Listening

    After a town hall meeting in Iowa, the president missed a real opportunity to bridge a gap between liberals and conservatives.  Instead of engaging in an honest conversation regarding his administration’s characterization of the Tea Party as being terrorists, President Obama dodged the point and strangely tried to invoked sympathy. When Tea Party activists asked about V.P. Joe Biden and Sec. Janet Napolitano calling the | Read More »