Female, married with 2 boys (19, 21.5), conservative, evangelical, BA Biology, MS Geology, work as environmental scientist, absolutely think AGW is communist farce - earth's climate has been "changing" for millions of years and will continue to do so. Against all bailouts, for reduced taxes, especially corporate, capital gains, and interest/dividend taxes. Just elected to GOP State Executive Committee in TN.


    Knoxville, TN Tea Party

    CITY: Knoxville, TN (one of 300+ cities across the country having tea parties on 4-15-09 WHO: All concerned East Tennessee Volunteers and Americans WHAT: A peaceful protest focusing on repealing pork and lowering federal taxes, protecting the American dream. WHEN: 3 – 6 PM; APRIL15 WHERE: World’s Fair Park, downtown Knoxville (Amphitheater) SPECIAL EVENTS: March to Federal Building Live remote broadcast of Phil Williams | Read More »

    The Best Definition of Conservatives Yet

    Many on the right – and even some on the left – have decried the lack of a strong leader for the conservative party in America (note I didn’t say the Republican party). Michael Steele, the recent elected chairman of the RNC, has been under attack lately. Some are upset that he is trying to be too “moderate”, while others are wondering why, if he | Read More »

    Forget Socialism – Say Hello to Communism

    There has been much talk in the media – especially the new media, about Obama and his administration leading us down the road to socialism. I say forget socialism – we are already at communism. Reading an article on last week, (here) I was alerted to a pamphlet the Communist Party USA prepared for the 2008 election. If you actually have the guts to | Read More »

    Tea Party in Nashville, TN a huge success!

    In spite of less than a week to plan the event, scant publicity, and a cold, drizzly day, over 500 conservatives promoting fiscal responsibility met on Legislative Plaza in Nashville today at noon. The crowd was estimated to number around 600, with attendees mostly from the Nashville area, but several of us drove over from Knoxville and there was at least one group of people | Read More »


    Tennessee Steps Up

    Yesterday the governor of Tennessee, democrat Phil Bredesen, got mention on Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and was interviewed by Fox News TV. While republican governors [Mark Sanford (SC), Bobby Jindal (LA) and others] who have discussed refusing part of the “stimulus” funds have been slammed by the media, and the democrats in congress, here is a DEMOCRAT governor who is also considering refusing part of | Read More »

    Plan to attend a Tea Party in your area

    It’s been a few days since we were energized by Rick Santelli going off on Obama from the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Stock Exchange, but there is still an untapped groundswell of discontent and resentment in this country for the policies and agenda that Obama and his administration are bringing down on America. I think that the media missed the boat on its analysis | Read More »

    Tomorrow is the vote… Still time to contact our Senators

    So, I understand that tomorrow our senators get together for a final vote on the mis-named “stimulus” bill. Obama and the Democrats have been on the attack – implying it’s not “patriotic” to vote against the stimulus. The GOP senators did a pretty good job on Friday, but I’m just not getting a warm and fuzzy feeling about this. I think it wise to be | Read More »


    Can’t Reach the RINOS by Phone?

    This is my first Diary, and I’m rather uncertain of the formatting, but I felt it was important information. So please forgive me if it looks yucky. A number of Red State members have been frustrated by not being able to get through to Senators Collins, Snowe, Specter, and Voinovich by telephone. You can try emailing them or sending a FAX to their Washington DC | Read More »