Fighting for Dad

    Not so long ago, First Sergeant Paul John Reeder was a force to be reckoned with. His soldiers might tell you that he was quick to correct (or criticize). They might also tell you that he was very protective. An injustice against his soldiers could not survive his wrath.   First Sergeant Reeder entered the service of the United States Army during the Vietnam War | Read More »

    My Grandfather’s Greatest Gift

    I have gained a number of things from my grandfather. I have his hair which, now in my mid-30s, still shows signs of neither receding nor graying. I have his skin tone which seems to have enhanced protection against the more harmful effects of the sun. I have wonderful health. But the greatest thing my grandfather gave is not something in my genetic makeup. It | Read More »

    The Other Kind of Environmentalist

    I am an environmentalist. I am. I primarily use two vehicles to go to work. One gets seventy miles per gallon. The other is a bicycle. Sometimes I walk to the market. Most of the lights in my house are fluorescent. My television rarely gets turned on; I read instead. I am a *conservative * environmentalist. To me, that means that I would rather convince | Read More »