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Christ follower. Baby machine. Wifey. Mother. Musician. Lover of all things Bill Kristol. I produce the Mark Davis Show in Dallas, Texas. If you're not from the DFW metroplex, you may be familiar with Mark Davis from his frequent guest hosting for Rush Limbaugh. Mark is also the standing Friday host of the nationally syndicated Bill Bennett's "Morning In America" program. Thoughts are my own and do not reflect the Mark Davis Show, 660AM The Answer, or Salem Communications.


    Conservatives Should KISS More

    I’ve been seeing Dr. Ben Carson’s recent National Prayer Breakfast speech floating around the internet and haven’t paid it much attention. I cranked it up Friday in the car as I was leaving the studio and decided that — about two minutes in — while Dr. Carson is certainly a gifted speaker, I didn’t expect his speech to satisfy my hunger for intellectual stimulation (such | Read More »

    Regarding Costas…

    Recent anti-gun remarks from Bob Costas have conservatives up in arms about their arms, and rightfully so. I don’t appreciate a sportscaster — even a thoughtful, well-loved one like Costas – to interrupt my happy football time with a political rant. I’d like to think I’d be similarly irked had Costas’ commentary reflected the opposite position. Folks love their guns. I understand that. I love my guns, | Read More »

    Mitt, I’m Sorry.

    An Open Apology to the Next President of the United States I’ve been putting this off, but here we are – two days, 16 hours, and 49 minutes before the election – and I simply can’t wait any longer. I have to say the words that I’ve needed to say for months now: I’m sorry. The primary in this election cycle was a cruel beast | Read More »

    Ride, Sally … Ride.

    Elizabeth Jensen wrote piece in the New York Times today about Sally Kohn … something I’ve actually been intending to do for a while. I took this as a sign that today was the day, so here we go: I’m not sure how I ended up following Sally on Twitter, but I have for quite a while. Her tweets are always easy to spot. They sing that old familiar song from Sesame Street, | Read More »

    Killing the Retards

    Ann Coulter tweeted something rather offensive during Monday’s Presidential debate in which she used the word “retard,” and the entire world is now up in arms calling her an insensitive hatemonger. I have my own opinions about the hysteria over this word, and I suppose that’s a topic for another day, but what shocks me is the moral “outrage” over Coulter’s tweet, when pro-choice people | Read More »

    Riddle Me This: Can’t We Do Better?

    It’s been said that tragedy brings out the best and worst in people. When events like the Aurora massacre occur – and how sad that I say “events” as opposed to isolating it to a singular, unprecedented occurrence – the behavior of both political parties should be placed under the microscope. I said “both parties.” Yes, Brian Ross jumped the gun. Yes, Mayor Bloomberg makes | Read More »

    We Deserved This

    I was hesitant to criticize Chief Justice Roberts yesterday. I believe him to be a man of utmost integrity, and a brilliant legal scholar.  I was thrilled when he was appointed to our nation’s highest Court … though I admit, for me, yesterday was not easy. As I’ve tried to digest the ruling, beginning with our own show yesterday morning and then sifting through column | Read More »

    Pre (and Post) Debate Thoughts On Texas’ US Senatorial Candidates

    Tonight is the WFAA Channel 8 Belo Debate in which Republican candidates square off in a battle to become retiring Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison’s successor. We’ve had all the candidates on the show, and I’ll tell you … there are things I like (and dislike) about all of them. Pre-debate thoughts in blue. Post-debate reaction in red.   TED CRUZ He has undoubtedly been my | Read More »

    Bonnie Raitt, Governor Romney, and Lessons In Love

    A dear friend of mine — not unlike many of us — married the wrong person his first go-around. Everything about this woman just made good, practical sense. She was, in many ways, the answer to many of his personal shortcomings, and from a financial and lifestyle perspective, it seemed like the right thing to do. He said that he could “learn to love her,” | Read More »

    Rick Santorum and the Big Hairy Philistine

    The story of David and Goliath is too often used as an analogy for any battle in which one side is perceived to be weaker. It’s sad that the greater lessons of this Biblical masterpiece are lost in our sloppy, shallow interpretation. There’s so much more to take away from what God was trying to teach us, and from these lessons, we can also find | Read More »