2 No Carolina Dems Won’t Run Again: Gov Perdue/Miller

    No Carolina Governor Bev Perdue ( D) will not be running for a second term according to Politico ( she has been one of the most unpopular Governor in country).

    Breaking: US Senator Kirk Has Had A Stroke

    US Senator Mark Kirk of Illinois has had a stroke and is undergoing surgery today to undergo swelling around his brain. Our thoughts are with the Senator and his family

    OH, IL Set: Filing Deadlines Fast Approaching

    Its New Year and with it many states filing deadlines to run for congress are fast approaching.  Believe it or not Illinois and Ohio already have had their deadlines past

    SCOTUS Stays Texas Court Drawn Maps

    The SCOTUS just granted a stay for the drawing of the Texas Congressional and State House Maps drawn by 3 judges in San Antonio.  The State Legislature  with signature by

    RI Gov. Lincoln Chaffe’s Attack on Christianity

    Lincoln Chafee the Governor of Rhode Island who was elected with 36% vote as an Independent ( Obama basically endorsed him as he did him) in the most Catholic state

    Costello: Another Dem Cuts and Runs

    11 term Congressman Jerry Costello (D-Illinois) will not seek re-election in 2012. Illinois’ 12th Congressional District stretches across southeastern Illinois, encompassing Alton, Belleville, Carbondale, East St. Louis and Granite City.

    WV Gov Poll Tie: Election Tomorrow

    PPP has new poll out and its statistically a tie. The RGA has been trying to hammer Tomblim to the very unpopular Obama and it might work. Election is tomorrow.

    Bob Turner In the Lead: Poll

    Siena poll out this morning finds Robert Turner (R) has taken a six point lead over David Weprin (D), 50% to 44%. Turner has an overwhelming 90-6 percent lead among Republicans,

    Breaking: Wu resigning from congress

    Promoted from the diaries as a break from our All-Debt-Ceiling-All-The-Time coverage. Link to story from Roll Call. –streiff Congressman Wu has just announced he is resigning from congress. The seat

    Mike Ross (D AR) Retiring

    Another so called blue dog democrat is retiring and this time it’s 6 term incumbent Mike Ross of Arkansas. A very good pick up opportunity for republicans

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