Movie Review: Act of Valor

    Once upon a time, Hollywood loved to splash all that made America great across the silver screen. It made our heroes larger than life, made the whole world look upon us with awe, envy and desire. We were the strong and the brave, striving to do the right thing, fighting the good fight. In times of trouble, Hollywood cheered us and rallied us, kept the | Read More »

    Fill-in-the-Blank Apology Script

    At first I was appalled and mesmerized and giggly when this video first came to my attention. The members of a new group, Conscious Men—a bunch of emasculated men (an oxymoron?), many with interesting hair and grooming choices—apologize to women for being men. If you don’t see a video above, click here to view it on YouTube. Part of the communal script from which they | Read More »

    Please, Please, Please Don’t Fix ObamaCare

    Senator McConnell, It has been quite dismaying to hear you talk of negotiation and compromise. You apparently don’t understand what happened on Tuesday. It was not a call for you to start trying to get some stuff done in allowing the Obama agenda to proceed, just at a moderated pace. Tuesday was millions of shouts from the hills and dales of America to stop it | Read More »