Chicago: Second Amendment Follies

    Late last night in Barack Obama’s hometown of Chicago, a gentleman was innocently minding his own business on a train platform, simply trying to get home to his hearth and home,  when he noticed that six fellow passengers were simultaneously talking on their cellular telephones. The gentleman in question was so provoked by this thoughtless and careless display of electronics that he was compelled to | Read More »

    Constructive Lessons Conservatives Should Learn from Obama

    I’ll begin by saying that it is hardly possible to exaggerate the EXTENT of media bias–the vast majority of television and print media is utterly and hopelessly in the tank for Democrats, and has a visceral hatred toward Republicans or anything that smacks of conservatism. Even when this hatred isn’t on the surface, it’s so deeply ingrained that even what they choose to cover is | Read More »

    Paul Krugman vs. David Brooks: The Stockholm Syndrome

    The contrast in today’s dueling NYT columns between David Brooks and Paul Krugman is worthy of close study even by those who make a habit (as I generally do) of avoiding the New York Times as if it were a leprous sore. David Brooks, channeling his inner child, absolutely floats way from reality in a warm and whimsical bubble of utopian fantasy wherein the most | Read More »

    Media Watch: What happened to “our divided country?”

    Immediately after George W. Bush’s reelection in 2004, I was immediately struck to hear the same phrase being echoed over and over by Brokaw, Couric, Matthews, and the like–they all began talking right away about how “divided our country” was, how DEEPLY divided, in fact. Bush had just won a “divided” election in a “divided” country, and now these “divisions” were more apparent than ever. | Read More »

    The Myth of Obama’s “Brilliant Campaign”

    Despite their political differences with Obama, many conservatives and conservative pundits are reinforcing the liberals’ idea that Barack Obama ran an “almost flawless,” “brilliant,” “error-free,” or in (Steve Forbe’s words) “miraculous campaign.” Part of resistance to Obama should be deconstructing this aura of infallibility that even some conservatives are granting him. The point of a campaign is to win, obviously–so Obama’s campaign was successful on | Read More »

    Sarah Palin Should Join the US Senate

    One of the bright spots–or potential bright spots–of this election is the political emergence of Sarah Palin. This happens at a time when Republicans are sorely in need of fresh perspectives and candidates who can bridge the enthusiasm gap with Democrats. I like her quite a lot, but I am also among those who want to see her learn more, prove herself more, and learn | Read More »

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    Why I’m Still Smiling Tonight–Reasons for Republican Joy

    Oddly enough, I’m a lot less depressed about tonight’s election outcome that I assumed I’d be with these results. While I wish things had gone differently, I am actually feeling a lot of positive thoughts and emotions. And since no, I am not drunk, I don’t believe that I’ve just gone up Denial River without a paddle. I feel like I did my duty, gave | Read More »

    Obama and the Use of Military Force: Why an Obama Presidency would Necessarily Fail

    Here is something the media won’t tell you: The means by which Barack Obama has positioned himself to potentially capture the presidency have put him in a box from which there is no escape. Should he obtain his goal, the seeds of his political destruction have already been planted, and there is one and only possible outcome: disastrous failure. Whether the disaster would be substantive | Read More »

    Want to elect McCain? DO SOMETHING!!!

    It’s starting to look like the Night of the Living Dead out there. My neighborhood is swarming with Obama supporters who are knocking on doors, handing out literature, and engaging people in conversations about Obama. None of these Obama-folks are from here, and many of my neighbors don’t know what to make of it, but this is the kind of thing that really can lead | Read More »

    Why there will be no “Fairness Doctrine”—Under Obama or Ever

    Many conservatives, including (and perhaps especially) those on the radio are worried about the return of “The Fairness Doctrine” in the future, but I consider this an unrealistic fear. Here’s why. In our current political climate, the Fairness Doctrine is an archaic, absurd, and ultimately unworkable legal concept whose death would be assured as soon as anybody actually tried to codify and put it into | Read More »