The Islamic State (ISIS /ISIL). Must be defeated.

    The threat of the Islamic State goes beyond what is being currently reported.  It only takes an iota of sound reason and logic to make such a determination.  The Obama Administration has made a dire miscalculation regarding the Islamic State -by reason of act or omission.  Insomuch, the Islamic State has been allowed to make substantial territorial and strategic gains.  Moreover, the Islamic State has | Read More »

    All Men Have Freedom. Few Have Liberty.

    The concepts of liberty and freedom are not necessarily complimentary of one another, per se.  Although they are viewed as quite similar terms they are nonetheless inherently different.  As human beings, we have choice and ultimately absolute freedom.  Even in iron-fisted repressive regimes such as North Korea, freedom exists for their people.   Freedom, is merely the personification of freewill, perhaps even synonymous of it.  People | Read More »

    What the Ruling Class Does Not Comprehend: Part II

    In my last posting What the Ruling Class Does Not Comprehend, I explained in part, what the ruling class does not comprehend.  Perhaps, the lack of comprehension of individual liberty (this was written in the aforementioned article) is true for many of the ruling class in Washington D.C.  However, there are those that fully comprehend individual liberty, and for reasons that are nonsensical to most, completely reject it.  For some it may very | Read More »

    What the Ruling Class Does Not Comprehend.

    Political victories and defeats are rarely measured on singular issues.  It is the end result of actions culminated over many years that measures the success of political goals.  Unfortunately, the conservative movement since President Ronald Reagan, has had very few victories.  Perhaps, the fight over ObamaCare and the debt ceiling was nothing more than another loss.  Although, notwithstanding a few noteworthy conservatives it was not | Read More »

    China and the Debt Ceiling

    Often, much of what China says can be evaluated quite simply.  As one of many adversaries we have, China has vested interest in the status quo in Washington D.C. remaining in power.  Jijo Jacob reported that the Xinhua news agency, said that the world should be a “de-Americanised [sic] world”1.  Furthering that “the destinies of people should not be left in the hands of a | Read More »

    Senator Cornyn Shows His Fear of the Tea-Party

    Senator Cornyn has begun running advertisements, concerning his “conservatism” here in Texas recently.  Additionally, Senator Cornyn has reached out to the media recently.  In Todd Gillman’s blog, with the Dallas Morning News, reported both of these facts.  This posting quotes Senator Cornyn as follows: “Senators run for office every six years. We’ve had a lot of people move to Texas in the interim … I | Read More »

    The American Spirit. A personal project.

    I have begun a personal project of sorts.  I have begun to write my first book, more so for my children and family than to be published.  I feel that we as a people have lost the American Spirit.  More than anything, I want my family, and my descendants to understand the true majesty of the American people.  This project of mine will probably take | Read More »

    I’ve had enough of the establishment Republicans!

    The idiocy of Washington D.C. has no bounds it appears. This great nation is at a pivotal point. The problems that this nation faces are too great in number and complexity to address, which should indicated the plausible fate our nation will face. The only party that had a capability to prevent this socialist agenda has failed the people. It is beyond reason and logic | Read More »

    My 2 cents on the Debate.

    Once the discussion of the unprofessional demeanor of Vice President of the United States Joe Biden during the debates is over, we find will that Congressman Ryan, generally speaking, provided more substantive arguments. I would go so far as to guess Congressman Ryan will win the debate by 8-12%, after Americans get over the actions of Vice President of the United States Joe Biden and | Read More »

    National Security Nightmares….and we get the Big Bird attacks.

    Our economy is teetering on the verge of implosion and the rest of the world with us. Yet, we see advertisements from the Obama administration using Big Bird to attack Governor Mitt Romney. Not only is this viewed as childish by most Americans, it gives us yet another glimpse into the world of the left. It would be laughable if we were not on the | Read More »