What Romney Must Do

    Conservatives of all stripes have their issues with Governor Romney.  Social conservatives despise his previous positions on life, gay marriage, and the social safety net.  Fiscal conservatives despise him because he lobbied for TARP, increased spending and raised taxes while governor of Taxachusetts, and implemented the father of Obamacare (something all Conservatives except Ann Coulter takes offense to).  Heck, even middle-of-the-road 2nd Amendment advocates aren’t | Read More »

    Get on Social Media and Demand Consistency in Outrage

    As noted by several sources this week, advertisers of The Rush Limbaugh Show have been targetted by various leftist organizations.  Now is the time to stand up for consistency. Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not defending anything that Rush has said over the airwaves, but I do think that to point out Rush’s inappropriate comments while disregarding the likes of Bill Maher and Ed Schultz is overly hypocritical.  What | Read More »

    Election Day Virginia

    It’s election day in Virginia. Every seat for the House of Delegates is up for grabs. Every seat in the State Senate is up for grabs. Every member of the county’s board of supervisors is up for grabs. Every county sheriff is up for grabs. Every representative for the soil & water conservation board is up for grabs. Every school board seat is up for | Read More »

    Keep the Wave Going – Virginia 2011

    While the national media – and even local media here in the DC area – is totally fixated on the 2012 election cycle, a very important set of elections will take place next Tuesday in Virginia.  If the conservative wave is indeed still cruising towards the shore, you can help carry it on into 2012.  The signal will be the results of Virginia’s 2011 election. Virginia flipped Blue (or Purple) in 2008, | Read More »

    Change I Can Believe in (What I’m Doing)

    I live in Fairfax County, Virginia. I am a member of the Fairfax County Republican Committee and am assisting my precinct captain (whilst kicking and screaming) to win our county-wide elections this fall. After attending several county meetings and exchanging emails with my PC, I decided to get involved. While my (somewhat) eager attempts to join the big boy club were ignored, a letter to | Read More »

    Fairfax County Republicans Choose “Democracy” over Conservatism

    Fairfax County Republicans will run a primary election in August.  The vote came during an official meeting of the Fairfax County Republican Committee (FCRC) held last night in a packed high school cafeteria.   The 53 known candidates will now be required to fundraise and campaign against one another in a county that can hardly afford to lose a single seat, and would have stood a | Read More »

    What passes for “Local News” stories at the NBC affiliate in DC

    The local NBC affliate in Washington, DC – Channel 4, has posted to its website a local news story regarding the President’s commencement address to the US Naval Academy at Annapolis coming up this weekend. The “author” begins like this… Will abortion protesters refuse to give him honorary degrees there, too? It only gets worse from there… Will anyone simply let the President of the | Read More »

    Disturbing numbers… Obama and the Tax Witchhunt

    I assume that you all are aware of Obama’s “fix” for the lost tax revenue due to overseas tax havens and “exporting jobs” overseas. While they are talking about how wonderful this $21 billion will be, it reminds me of the stupidity of saving money by eliminating a program (D.C. vouchers) that costs the federal govt $8,000 per student in order to funnel them into | Read More »

    The conservative movement scores a big victory (in Panama)

    After a weekend of Republican leaders telling us that we need to forget about Reagan,  Specter claiming that the Republican party has moved too far to the right,  and we mourn the loss of Rep. Jack Kemp, a shining pearl of a story emerged from Panama. The Alliance for Change candidate, Ricardo Martinelli, won in a landslide against the leftist governing party candidate Balbina Herrera.  A | Read More »

    Open Thread… Does anyone have a credible source for Hugo Chavez’s most recent remarks on our Prez?

    This from the Indenpent Party of America… Inspired by his meeting with U.S. President Barack Obama at the Americas Summit, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez declared on Sunday that Venezuelan socialism has begun to reach the United States under the Obama administration.   “I am coming back from Trinidad and Tobago, from the Americas Summit where, without a doubt, the position that Venezuela and its government has | Read More »