Forty One Five Traitors

    This updates a post from June 2, 2104. The count of traitors is now up to 45. A traitor is someone who betrays a friend, a country, or a principle.

    Parsing Ginsburg

    The Hobby Lobby Supreme Court ruling is of great interest in highlighting the moral value systems underlying opposing views of the Justices. Five justices affirm a closely held company’s right

    Mr. Obama Stands Alone

    The framers of our Constitution created the Presidency as an office held by a single individual, rather than a group, for very deliberate and specific purposes. One such purpose is

    French Lessons

    I came across this New York Times piece from 2013 that provides a stunning reveal of the coming consequences of the Obama Presidency. CBN has this more recent video on

    Forty One Traitors

    A traitor is someone who betrays a friend, a country, or a principle. To betray your country is to deliberately do harm to its foundational principles. Forty one US Senators

    The Court Upholds Free Speech

    Today’s Supreme Court ruling removing overall limits on contributions to candidates for federal office by individuals restores some measure of freedom, and specifically freedom of speech. Let’s get something straight.

    Preserving a Viable Democracy

    Our politics and policies have regressed to a level that threatens democracy. Political Spittle: A recent email from Jim Messina, Barack has the subject “This is some sick crap.”

    Choice Goes Begging

    The realities of Obamacare bring to light the failure of our health insurance and delivery system, a system built on government rules rather than patient needs. This reality predates, and

    Obamacare Is Near Death

    You now have the choice not to buy health insurance. The foundation of Obamacare is the individual mandate. That is, without the mandate it was presumed that millions of healthy

    Compulsion and Freedom

    Values implicit in American principles continue to be destroyed in service to power. The source of government funding and thus power is compulsion, the threat of loss if you don’t