Prioritizing: Charity or Investment

    I consider myself a compassionate person who wants to help other people suffering economic distress. We have reached the point, however, where we are increasing charity dollars (transfer payments) at the expense of work, investment, and economic growth. The responsible policy tradeoff that serves the long term interest is jobs over charity with an understanding that a safety net serves our best long term interest | Read More »

    We Already Have Government Run Healthcare

    Obamacare is simply an extension of the government health care system that already controls our medical lives. It may be not technically be a single payer system but it is totally controlled (and politicized) by the government. There is no choice. Rough Numbers*: Employer Based: 170 million people covered by employer based health care at any given time during a year. Coverage is limited to | Read More »

    Man On Overpass With Sign

    I saw something last Saturday that intrigued me; a lone middle aged man standing on an interstate overpass waving while holding a hand-drawn sign having the single word, “IMPEACH.” How many people in cars whizzing past below did not instantly know what the man was saying and who he was referring to? What caused this man to take his Saturday afternoon to engage in public | Read More »

    Wither Work

    Germany, after passing legislation in 2007 that would have increased the retirement age from 65 to 67, is now on a course to lower the retirement age from 65 to 63. Life expectancy has increased in most developed countries by more than ten years from 1960 to 2011, from slightly below 70 years to over 80 years. New developments in health care technology and knowledge | Read More »

    Stereotypical Disrespect

    How do we get past stereotypes in our political discourse and responsibly face the real issues? New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is now the poster child for promoting stereotypes to support the imposition of liberal/progressive priorities in law. Here is the full context of what Andrew Cuomo said during a recent radio interview: “I think what you’re seeing is, you have a schism within the | Read More »

    Obamacare as Symptom

    I am coming up on a choice to sign up for Medicare. I am healthy with no preexisting conditions requiring ongoing care and I don’t need ongoing drug prescriptions. I have four choices for healthcare insurance and annual cost exposure in 2014 as follows: Private Policy: If healthy $4,000 – If sick $17,000. (This choice goes away for 2015.) Obamacare Policy: If healthy $7,800 – | Read More »

    Golfer Protection and Affordable Golf Club Act

    Here is my edited version of an email I recently received. The Obama administration has just passed a new law titled: “Golfer Protection and Affordable Golf Club Act” declaring that every citizen MUST purchase a new set of golf clubs by April 2014. These affordable golf clubs will cost $3,000 per set per year for a single person. This cost does not include taxes, pull | Read More »

    Privatize Government Charity

    American’s routinely give hundreds of billions in charitable donations annually, giving over $316 Billion in 2012. Every penny of this private charitable giving is voluntary. Federal and State government gives away more than $1 Trillion dollars in charitable donations annually. For 2014 this combined Federal and State charity is budgeted in excess of $1.36 Trillion, or more than 4 times voluntary charitable giving. Every penny | Read More »


    I thought some might want to know how well is working. I created an account weeks ago and entered all information requested. The system confused my social security number with my son’s, but when I edited the form the system kept insisting on using my son’s social security number as mine. So, about two weeks ago (I write this on December 18) I decided | Read More »

    Obamacare Façade Has Crumbled

    Perhaps the most interesting result of the bungling of is the now transparent reveal that Obamacare is nothing more than an effort to put health care in the United States under complete government control regardless of social or financial cost. According to US Census Bureau health insurance coverage statistics for 2012 almost 85% or 263.2 million of 311 million Americans already had health insurance | Read More »