Hayek’s Spontaneous Ordering Forces

    Friedrich A. Hayek’s training and pursuits in economics led him to reach conclusions about society, government, and markets. Quoting from Friedrich A. Hayek’s lecture “The Pretense of Knowledge” upon accepting

    Leadership Through Disingenuity

    Mr. Obama and his administration are so smart, so clever, so incapable of being honest or sincere, and only pretending to be. The evidence of this is in their semantics.

    Who Will Buy A Pig-in-a-Poke and Does It Matter?

    Obamacare’s choices: You are 25 years old, healthy, single, self employed, and have annual income of $35,000. Consider this 2014 choice. You can buy Obamacare health insurance for 2014 for

    Today is the Inflection Point

    Two months ago Senators Mike Lee and Ted Cruz were called crazy and were repudiated by leaders of their own political party for their “semi-filibuster/government shutdown” efforts in pursuit of

    Realities of the Obamacare Disaster

    You must use if you are a legal US resident who qualifies for a subsidy and who wishes to buy a health policy rather than pay a tax. The

    “Misspeaking” Together – The New York Times and Mr. Obama

    The New York Times has a wonderfully political opinion piece titled: “Insurance Policies Not Worth Keeping,” mouthing the Obama administration’s spin defending the lies they perpetrated to get the votes

    The Real Big Picture

    Thanks to Jon Gabriel at Freedom Works for this: Read the full post. How much longer until we elect people committed to sanity? Regards, Pete Weldon

    The “Transformation” – 2014

    Our Demonizer and Chief has the megalomaniacal gall to pronounce that the American people are fed up with Washington. Well, yes and that includes him. Not only does Mr. Obama

    Sad Cartoon

    Credit to Bob Gorrell Regards, Pete Weldon

    Reflecting on Freedom

    Now as throughout history the world is full of those motivated to kill people who are not killing, to control people who are not controlling, and to impose values and