CFBP, Protect Us From State Lotteries

    The recently formed Consumer Protection Bureau (CFBP) has regulations concerning disclosures on bank teller machines, Loan Originator Compensation Requirements, and credit card fees, among many others. Isn’t it about time that those purchasing lottery tickets had the same protections?! By God! I recently filed the following complaint with CFPB here (its the only complaint category that seems to apply) on behalf of those who buy | Read More »

    President Elsworth Toohey

    Paraphrased from Wikipedia: Elsworth Monkton Toohey is the primary antagonist in Ayn Rand’s novel The Fountainhead. Toohey is Rand’s personification of evil, the most active and self-aware villain in any of her novels. Toohey is a socialist, and represents the spirit of collectivism more generally. He styles himself as representative of the will of the masses, but his actual desire is for power over others. | Read More »

    Don’t Borrow Your Way to More Entitlements

    UPDATE: Holman Jenkins has a concise and insightful follow-up on this story in the WSJ. The economics and political communities have recently gone bonkers arguing over details of a study that concluded economic growth declines as national debt reaches 90 percent of annual Gross Domestic Product (GDP). An acknowledged math error in the analysis is being used by Keynesians (borrowers and spenders) to undermine the | Read More »

    Political Terrorist in the While House

    Update April 27, 2013 – The political terrorist is exposed and backs off. Search for “FAA” today and you get a ream of reports claiming airport delays resulting from budget sequestration. Mr. Obama is actually responsible for these delays. Turns out the FAA 2013 budget is $15.9 billion and that the Department of Transportation that oversees the FAA claims FAA has to cut about $1.0 | Read More »

    The Politics of Money

    The world wide focus on banks and related government regulation is only relevant to the extent governments lie, borrow beyond their current income, and print money. This focus results from government fabricated value undermining confidence in value actually earned from work and free exchange. Understand clearly that bank regulations and government money printing have nothing really to do with human interchange (the fundamental force driving | Read More »

    The Road to Cyprus

    The European Central Bank, International Monetary Fund and Cyprus announced an immediate and surprise tax of 6.75% to 9.95% on savings accounts that will be withdrawn on Tuesday morning (Monday is a holiday in Cyprus). Let’s see… supra-state regulators pull a cram down on Cyprus bank depositors without warning in order to get paid for the lax and incompetent actions of the supra-state regulators. This | Read More »

    A Powerful View on Medicare Expansion

    Florida House Speaker Will Weatherford gave a speech today at the opening of the 2013 Florida legislative session. Below are his personal views on the subject of whether Florida should accept the Medicare expansion that is part of Obamacare. His words are both true and painful. Perhaps one of the most challenging questions we’ll face this Session is whether we should expand Medicaid. Let me | Read More »

    Visible Desperation

    Our President sent me an email today (click here for the complete message) that contained this claim: “Because Republicans in Congress refused to compromise to close tax loopholes for the wealthiest Americans, hundreds of thousands of Americans will lose their jobs or see their paycheck reduced, and middle class families will be hurt. Congress must join the President now to replace these cuts with a | Read More »

    Withering Morality and the Statist Reality

    While Mr. Obama offers endless pontification in front of the cameras, claiming the moral superiority of his policies, the reality is that more and more citizens are the object of federal subsidies and policies that bribe their voting loyalties. What moral code is responsible for this reality? Mr. Obama is clearly and consciously in pursuit of the road to serfdom. Exactly who wishes to take | Read More »

    The Obama Legacy – We’re Screwed

    USAToday asked its users on social media for one word that best describes the state of our union and compiled more than a hundred responses into a graphic that emphasizes the most used words. Click here for the results in image form. Four years down the drain and four more to go. What a shame. Regards, Pete Weldon