Gordon Brown’s right to silence

           English cricket fans were delighted when their team defeated Australia – long the foremost nation in international cricket. Supporters of Brighton & Hove Albion Football (soccer) Club were no doubt joyous when their team escaped relegation from top flight English football. Supporters of both teams were no doubt pleased, if a little surprised, to learn that British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, was sharing vicariously | Read More »

    Was there a deal?

    For all the fulminations of Foreign Secretary David Milliband, that any suggestion of a deal would be offensive, it seems that his predecessors, when Tony Blair was Prime Minister, did discuss a possible prisoner exchange with Libya.  Blair has always denied that Megrahi could have been part of any such deal.  If he means what he says, then he was very badly briefed.  I understand | Read More »

    The rupture in Iran

    From the diaries by Erick. The only real test for the stability of a constitution is not how it copes with consensus, but how it stands up to the stresses of division.  Iran’s complicated constitutional structure is about to face that test. Some have suggested that all power lies with the Supreme Leader.  Some media have even described the position of Supreme Leader as one | Read More »

    Good news from India

    It seems as though the ruling Congress Party has made major gains in the general election and the BJP has conceded defeat.   The result was unexpectedly good for Congress, which seems to have been because the large youth vote – a rather apolitical group more interested in commerce – swung behind Congress at the last minute. This is good for a number of reasons: 1.  | Read More »

    India’s awful election

    There are many good reasons for criticizing the Congress Party.  The party that has dominated India for most of the past 60 years was pretty much unchallenged for the first half of that period. During that time it introduced one of the most comprehensively socialist economic structures ever devised. The Fabian socialism of the 1930s London School of Economics – the IngSoc of George Orwell’s | Read More »

    Conservative politician arrested in Britain

    Damian Green, Conservative spokesman on terrorism was arrested yesterday and questioned for nine hours. His home and his offices – in Parliament and in his constituency – were searched before he was bailed with out being charged. Look at the following sentence from BBC News online. Police say Mr Green was held on suspicion of “conspiring to commit misconduct in a public office” and “aiding | Read More »

    Dear President Elect

    I hear you want to appoint some Republicans to your cabinet. I hear you want to achieve real change. Good. I confess, I have seen no evidence of any political courage on your part. I don’t know that you have ever confronted your party’s special interests on policy, but then, you didn’t have to. Now that you have won the election, perhaps that is what | Read More »

    Dear Governor Palin

    I really don’t want to jump in before the appeals process is exhausted, because everyone, no matter how much I despise them, has the right to be presumed innocent, but I feel this is essential. It would be irresponsible if you were not already considering the matter, so now is the time to influence your thinking. In any case, Senator Stevens has been convicted so, | Read More »

    Playing the racist card

    Barack Obama accuses John McCain of playing the race card. Most voters seem to think it is Obama who is playing the race card, but he is actually doing something rather different. He is playing the racist card. There is a difference. The race card – as most people tend to define it – is about appealing to people on grounds of race: don’t vote | Read More »