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    Why Romney Will Win (And Handily)

    One of the more interesting facets of the election coming up on Tuesday is the fact that both sides seem completely convinced that their guy is winning.  It’s natural for liberals to feel that way, especially if they trust the New York Times and Nate Silver’s supposedly-predictive model.  Conservatives look deeper and see major cracks in the foundations of the liberals’ sources of confidence, especially | Read More »

    Senate Race Analysis

    With the key primaries in the books, now is as good a time as any to take a look at the key Senate races.  Some are more pessimistic than I am about the Republicans taking the Senate, but I’m a Cubs fan, so optimism is to be expected from me.  I think the answer isn’t whether or not the Republicans will take the Senate, but | Read More »

    FRONT PAGE How Business Works…And Why Obama Doesn’t

    The July economic report showing continued slow growth and high unemployment, combined with recent utterances from the President such as “The private sector is doing fine,” show that President Obama doesn’t quite grasp how the economy works.  Despite all of his time in academia and politics, he has never been in the private sector, and it seems to be a foreign land to him.  He | Read More »

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    Milton Friedman vs. Phil Donahue

    A great clip from 1979 that should be required viewing for anyone studying economics, in honor of the 100th birthday of the late Milton Friedman: It echoes nicely with Romney’s comments in Israel this past week comparing Israel’s economic culture to the Palestinians.

    Gay Marriage, Geometry And Cheeseburgers

    The thing that drives me nuts the most about the same-sex marriage debate is the fact that so many of its proponents insist on equating “opposed to same-sex marriage” with “homophobic”.  These are radically different concepts.  Islamic leaders who think homosexuals should be executed?  Those are homophobes.  However, calling someone a homophobe simply because they oppose same-sex marriage is lazy thinking that is generally a symptom of not | Read More »


    Five Quick-Hit Thoughts On Obama’s Marriage Flip-Flop

    Today, President Obama announced that his position has “evolved” (if it was Romney, it would have been called a “flip-flop”, but I digress) on same-sex marriage.  Let me put my amateur political analyst hat on and make five quick observations: 1)  I am *very* skeptical that Obama has actually changed his mind on this in any way, shape or form.  Either this is what he | Read More »

    Occupy Harvard?

    While I have spent a Facebook post or two poking fun at the “Occupy Wall Street” crowd over the past couple of days, there is one subgroup among the crowds there that I do have some degree of sympathy for.  It’s not George Soros’s professional activist bunch, nor is it the unions.  It also isn’t the people who show up at protests even if they | Read More »

    Elizabeth Warren: Right Idea, Wrong Perspective

    Today, the left-wing world is all excited about a viral quote/video clip from Massachusetts Senatorial candidate Elizabeth Warren.  It is very well worth it to read and truly understand the quote, because it really is almost perfect, in much the same way that an “almost perfect” bowling throw leaves a 7-10 split instead of hitting a strike.  It expresses a laudable underlying sentiment, while at | Read More »

    Five People You Meet In The Millionaire’s Club

    The latest salvo from the White House in their quest to “create jobs” and “reduce the deficit” (they aren’t proving particularly good at either one, hence the quotes), is this idea called the “Buffett Rule” or the “Millionaire’s Tax”.  The idea is simple:  All these people who make a million or more per year don’t need all that money, and won’t miss it if we | Read More »

    The “Options Plan”

    As we continue on with the debt ceiling battle, we seem to have abandoned “Cut, Cap and Balance” for either Boehner’s plan (another useless debt commission), Reid’s plan (accounting gimmicks) or Obama’s plan (blame Bush and keep saying the words “balanced approach” until he fools people into thinking he has a plan). Well, I’d like to offer a new plan.  Let’s call it the “Q’s | Read More »