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    Rep. John Culberson – A Hero for Conservative Principles

    As a strong supporter of federalism, the Tenth Amendment, and the Second Amendment, Culberson can be expected, and many are expecting him, to remove the RAWA language from the Appropriations Bill. Even many social conservatives that personally oppose gambling on moral reasons recognize that laws and regulations regarding internet-based gambling should be decided at the state level in accordance with the Tenth Amendment. Rep. Culberson is a hero for standing up for conservative principles, and he can continue to prove that by removing RAWA and standing up for federalism and the Tenth Amendment once again.

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    John McCain Promotes SpaceX Rocket Launches Above National Interest

    The decisions on launch contracts and purchasing rocket engines should be based on what is the best deal the U.S. can secure to most effectively complete the launches needed, not on the basis of whether or not it benefit McCain’s friend Elon Musk because it enriches the Corporate Welfare King by signing launch contracts with SpaceX.

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    McCain Institute Should Give Back Million Dollars from Saudi Arabia

    It is time for Sen. McCain to make this right and give the money back, the million dollars his McCain Institute took from the Saudi Arabian government. If the senator wants to show the voters of Arizona that he’s not bought and paid for, he absolutely needs to give the money back.

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    Federal Energy Bill Includes Corporate Welfare for Elon Musk Companies

    Congress seems entirely unable to pass major bills without them becoming gigantic Christmas trees lit up with all kinds of pork and corporate welfare giveaways to their cronies, including the likes of Corporate Welfare King Elon Musk, who has amassed a personal fortune of more than $13 billion almost entirely from government largess.

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    John McCain Bought and Paid for by Elon Musk

    While there is no doubt Musk and McCain have been each quite loyal to the other, the result has been the propping up of a failed company at the expense of taxpayers. McCain has been the best senator the money of Musk’s companies can buy, but the multi-billion bill has been paid by the American people.

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    Millions of Mis-Spending Found by Federal Audit of Oregon Health Care

    The audit reveals more corruption and cronyism in Oregon health care, and clearly the state should require the CCOs to comply with the same administrative spending limits required under Medicaid. Kitzhaber and others proved they clearly could not be trusted to responsibly run the health care system in Oregon, and it also demonstrates the larger failure of government-managed health care, and proves that the private sector is far better equipped to provide health care services to citizens than the government.

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    Debt Moratorium Bill Passes Puerto Rico’s House

    Not waiting to see what kind of legislation comes from the U.S. Congress, the House of Representative in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, in financial crisis, has passed a bill to allow the government there to stop paying its debts. The bill, just signed by Puerto Rico’s Governor Alejandro Garcia Padilla, passed by a 26-21 vote in the House after it had already passed in the | Read More »

    Weakening Consent Decrees Will Give Rise to Copyright Trolls

    Copyright trolls would impose a cost on the consumers of music licenses in much the same way the patent trolls were an economic burden imposed on businesses. They increases costs to business without adding any value to the licenses that were purchased. Likewise, copyright trolls would hinder innovation and development of new products. In the end, consumers would have fewer choices because of the costs and limits imposed by copyright trolls.

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    E-mail-Gate II: Obama EPA Caught Using Private E-mail for Government Business

    This latest e-mail scandal also warrants full investigation as well. EPA officials are empowered to administer policies and regulations on behalf of the American people, and not the special interest groups, including the ‘green’ interests, that clearly have a vested interest in the outcome of these policies.

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    Soros and Allies Prescribe Bankruptcy and Bailout for Crisis-ridden Puerto Rico

    There is certainly another way forward for the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, aside from having their stagnant and innefficient economy enabled and rewarded with bailouts and bankruptcy. The Commonwealth can pursue strong finanicial and government reforms including lower taxes and regulations on business that will encourage the kind of investment in the private sector needed to grow Puerto Rico’s economy.

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