UPDATED: Cruz Can Still Have Delegate Lead Even After Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

    UPDATE: According to Greenpapers, Cruz will get 15 delegates not 10 so Cruz’s numbers will likely improve by 5 delegates. I’ve adjusted total’s below. I also updated North Carolina which shows Cruz getting one more delegate. Original Post: Surprisingly, Cruz can still get more delegates than Trump by the convention. However, after last night’s debacle, it is very unlikely he can get to 1237 on | Read More »

    (UPDATE AFTER MI, MS, Idaho) WOW! Ted Cruz Can Still Win on First Ballot. Fox News is Deceiving You. Examine these Numbers.

    UPDATE AFTER MICHIGAN, MISSISSIPPI, AND IDAHO: With Cruz’s better than expected finish yet again tonight (better than I projected in this original post). However, I have adjust Cruz’s numbers down because while some of the states are winner take all by Congressional district, Trump might salvage some votes in these states by winning some Congressional districts in this state. However, the same is true for | Read More »

    Rubio Must Drop Out Tomorrow: Save Illinois and Missouri’s 121 Delegates and Ohio’s 66

    I am a Rubio critic, however, I previously have not called on him to pull out before Florida.  My thinking was that even if Cruz lost Florida and Ohio, there were still plenty of contests remaining for Cruz to win on first ballot. This is still the case, HOWEVER, there is a better opportunity here—if Rubio drops out. . So many people, including myself, have been | Read More »

    Unity Ticket Makes Sense…But with Kasich Not Rubio.

    NOTE: I’m not completely sold on this idea. I posted this diary and then deleted it 1 minute later because I am not sure Cruz can partner with a man who said basically that deporting illegal immigrants is ‘fantasy’. But I guess if Reagan could partner with Bush who called his economic policies “Voodoo Economics”, Cruz can partner with Kasich if it means beating Trump | Read More »

    Cruz Video is Perfect 2 1/2 Minute Ad

    2 1/2 Minute ad?? Ads are only 30 seconds, once in a great while 1 minute; but 2 1/2 minutes? I grew up in the Reagan era. People have called him the Great Communicator, but forget how much Reagan was a teacher. Reagan had to explain how the economic policies that Carter but also Nixon were killing the country. He took time to explain his views and | Read More »

    Amazing! Even if Trump Wins Florida, Ohio Winner Take-All He Does Not Have Enough Delegates to Win

    If my calculations and estimates are correct, even if Trump were to win Florida and Ohio’s winner tax all primaries he could easily still end up short of the nomination. In fact, he could even win Maryland, Missouri, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey’s Winner Take-all and STILL be short. This is not ideal, but no candidate seems willing to quit. So let’s not panic…yet. Even if Trump | Read More »

    Oh My..Rubio Got Fox News to Silence Hannity and O’Reilly on Amnesty

    From the NY Times: Their mission was to persuade Rupert Murdoch, the owner of the media empire, and Roger Ailes, the chairman and chief executive of its Fox News division, to keep the network’s on-air personalities from savaging the legislation and give it a fighting chance at survival. (emphasis mine) Mr. Murdoch, an advocate of immigration reform, and Mr. Ailes, his top lieutenant and the | Read More »

    Trump Gains if Cruz Leaves the Race? But Worse Off if Rubio leaves?

    Many Ted Cruz supporters on this website indicate that they would support Marco Rubio as their second choice. Therefore, the thinking goes a Cruz departure would help Rubio. But what do the polls say? Unfortunately, the most recent scientific poll (NBC did an online poll last week on this topic but was not scientific) was from early January. What do these polls indicate? Among Cruz supporters, | Read More »

    Early Exit Polls Favor Trump and Cruz, but Good News for Rubio as Well? (UPDATE: Uh oh, Trump may be doing very well)

    Here are some key points from Exit polls from ABC: Further in these preliminary results, nearly three-quarters of GOP voters identify themselves as born-again or evangelical Christians – again a record if it holds in final data, up from 65 percent in 2012. (Favorable for Cruz. Although Trump has for some reason been getting support from Evangelicals as well) Additionally, nearly half say it matters | Read More »

    Like Boehner? So Do Rubio’s House Endorsers!

    In 2015, 25 Republican members of congress had the courage to stand up against Boehner. (Well, sadly as you will see it was really only 24) So of those that had the courage to fight against Boehner and the establishment leadership, who have they been endorsing? Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio. First, why does it matter? (I’ve heard it said that a skunk recognizes other | Read More »

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