Timeline Shows Ted Cruz Amendment Designed to Kill Gang of Eight Amnesty

    In the debate tonight, FoxNews moderator Megan Kelly tried to make it seem like Cruz’s legal residency amendment was not a poison pill (an amendment designed to kill a bill so it would not pass). However the timeline and this transcript from an interview with Ted Cruz on Rush Limbaugh on June 19, 2013 shows IT WAS A POISON PILL designed to kill the bill: | Read More »

    Who Says Ted Cruz Can’t Get Things Done???

    Trump supporters point to Mr. Trump getting things done. Mr. Trump has built buildings and golf courses so: What has Ted Cruz Done? How about making sure people from other countries cannot avoid our laws and our punishments if they commit a crime here?  Jose Medel­lin was sen­tenced to death for his role in the rape and murder of two teen­age girls. He con­fessed to the crimes, even | Read More »

    Rubio’s Beautiful Words Make Me Hate Him

    I just finished watching the debate and have come to a startling revelation: I realized that every time Marco Rubio turns a beautiful phrase… I hate him. Rubio is known for being one of the most articulate presidential candidates—he has a way with words. He speaks wonderfully about principles I hold dear and says them in a way that makes me feel good in the | Read More »

    Time to Dump Establishment Debates

    We need a real debate about the real issues. Of course the Republican party doesn’t want this. Republican “leadership” has said they will exclude any candidate from future debates who participates in a non-sanctioned event. In other words, candidates must only appear at debates that are designed to aid establishment candidates. CNN and Fox each host three more debates. CBS, NBC with Telemundo, ABC, and | Read More »

    Why Sometimes Police Have an Obligation to Shoot–Even the Unarmed

    Just two days after the shooting of Michael Brown, the Dallas Morning News reports: Dallas police shoot and kill Andrew Gaynier: Andy was unarmed and was shot multiple times by a police officer. This tragic situation is beyond comprehension. Andy was only 26 and the proud father of a 19-month-old son. Like the Ferguson shooting of Michael Brown, there appears to be no police camera | Read More »


    Thanks to Hunter Baker for his permission to republish this article on RedState. Original article appeared in First Things (10-7-09) Hunter Baker, J.D., Ph.D. is the winner of the 2011 Michael Novak Award conferred by the Acton Institute which has been rated as one of the top global think tanks. He is the author of The End of Secularism (Crossway Academic, 2009). Baker is the | Read More »

    Serious Way to Remove IRS: Next Year.

    The IRS has a history of being used as a political weapon. One article of impeachment against Nixon was his attempt to merely influence the IRS. Something must be done to rein in the power of the IRS. There has been a lot of talk about getting rid of the IRS. Some propose a flat tax or a sales/vat tax; however, none of these reforms | Read More »

    Replace the Republican Party

    Elected conservatives from conservative districts/states should immediately form a new party–call it the Liberty Party.  The Liberty Party would not be a third party but a REPLACEMENT for the Republican party in conservative states/districts. Liberty Party members would only work with Republicans to create a leadership team if Liberty Party members were given leadership positions. Republicans would agree that at least 50% of Liberty Party members | Read More »

    Here is How To Avoid ObamaCare (From Forbes)

    Thinking about going without health insurance because ObamaCare has made it too expensive??? DON’T. I have been trying to think of a way to avoid ObamaCare for those who are self-employed. I finally figured out how it could be done….but then I found out..IT’s ALREADY AVAILABLE. You can buy it today! So while ObamaCare prohibits you from buying Catastrophic policies, you can still cover yourself | Read More »

    How Your State Can Free Itself of Obamacare

    Can a single state alone free itself of ObamaCare? Answer: Maybe. First some important facts: 1) Anyone who is on a State’s Medicaid plan does not have to pay the ObamaCare Penalty 2) Medicaid does not have to meet the minimum essential benefits requirement of ObamaCare 3) States can expand Medicaid and set eligibility requirements. Here is what a state could do: 1) Anyone (regardless of how | Read More »

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