Priebus New Republican Agenda 2012

    This is a very brief diary reflecting frustration with the Republican Party. I used to think that electing and reelecting Barack Obama was the single most tragic event in the history of freedom. I have since decided it was electing and reelecting Priebus as head of RNC. Unfortunately, he seems to have no instincts for national politics, though he seems to have tremendous instincts for | Read More »

    Priebus v. Obama

    Randy Evans Esq. Georgia National Republican Committeeman Atlanta, Ga Dear Randy, From what I read, the fix is in.  Reince Priebus is scheduled to be reelected without opposition as RNC head later this month.  This is a devastating development to those like myself who have been contributors and workers for the Republican and conservative causes, and who believe results matter. If Barack Obama certainly deserved | Read More »

    The Greening of George McGovern

    In 1993 George McGovern wrote the following piece for Inc Magazine about his misfortunes as a small business man. It was an excellent piece, extremely well written. Here is the link: Five years ago, boarding a plan, I noticed an older man struggling with a heavy suitcase. I put it overhead and sat next to him. It was George McGovern. Having read the Inc | Read More »