Talking Point #3: “Keep Your Laws Off My Body!”

An oldie but one that has a special, resonating significance for the left. And hey, when in doubt, use their own empty rhetoric against them. Especially when it fits.

How well does it fit? Consider that, just when you thought nothing could be worse than the second-guess-your-doctor-and-deny-you-care protocols of the big insurance companies, the federal government decides they’re going set up a system that will fix everything. Meanwhile they’re telling us to pay no attention to the incomplete, inefficient, underpaying, over administrated health care systems they already run – Medicaid, Medicare, and the V.A. Those aren’t historic like this one, so they’ll get this gross expansion of federal government health care system right (finally!) – even though they’re admitting that it’s being created by an awful bill with lots of bad ideas and a bunch stuff that ultimately will cost (us) a whole lot more than what they are saying it will cost.

Remember – this is a crisis! We need to fix this now…or actually, 4 years from now. That’s when all this will go into effect to start to begin to end the crisis. The crisis that’s so urgent. That needs fixing now. Or soon.

Hey, it’s better than doing nothing right? Like handing a band-aid to someone with a laceration. Or giving aspirin to a person with a broken arm. Or given someone a car with bald tires, blown steering and no brakes. Remember, all that fits under the category of: “It’s better than doing nothing!”

Oh, and you get to pay for your neighbor’s care, too! While you’re also paying to bail out banks. And GM. And Chrysler. And funding some really neat special projects that were added into the stimulus bill that never really stimulated anything besides the buddies and favorite lobbyists of certain Congress Humans. See, you’re so used to getting treated this way. Why push back now?

Don’t worry, though. Unlike those other health care systems the government runs, they’ll get this one right. Why? Because they’re the government. Don’t you watch movies or ’24’ or have ‘The West Wing’ DVD set? The government knows how to do stuff right, silly! Look at the Post Office and Social Security and H.U.D. and Welfare and the Department of Education and the Department of Energy…uh…well, have you seen the private congressional subway? That runs really well. As to do the elevators in the Capitol building. The private ones, anyway.

Keep your laws off my body. Repeat it like a cheer. Or a battle cry.

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