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    Amazing blindspot in this administration on Iraq.

    Secretary Panetta surveys al-Qaida and, remarkably, overlooks the strongest branch, in Iraq. Could it have something to do with it proving this administration is unable to effectively combat al-Qaida’s main branches?

    This can get much worse for us

    Friends, we are at a crossroads.  We lost and demographics and a quickly changing culture are going to make every 4 years harder and harder if we don’t broaden our base.  I’m not asking anyone to give up on their beliefs.  The Republican Party will continue to be a proudly pro-life, small government party that believes in America as a shining city on a hill. | Read More »

    The liberal media loved Obama to death

    (I’m picturing Lennie from “Of Mice and Men”) Obama had seen that his friends would protect him, and so he believed he could mail it in Wednesday, but this was the venue that could not be spun. No filter. No edits. No choosing what to put in or leave out. No shaping of the story. Just the story itself, rolled out in real time, sans | Read More »

    I guess al-Qaida isn’t that close to defeated…

      The Washington Post just ran another story on how al-Qaida in Iraq is rebounding following our withdrawal. I’m not saying President Obama was wrong to withdraw at least the bulk of U.S. troops from Iraq, but citing Iraq as a major accomplishment and claiming, as he did in May, that defeating al-Qaida is within reach is just patently false. If the President tries to | Read More »