An attorney who during 2009 escaped "progressive" New England for the Southeast. Being middle-aged I feel very much like as if I have moved out of a foreign country and back to the America I remember from my youth. But this redoubt is now under assault too. The forces of statism are on the march, in an undeclared but very real attempt at revolution -- seeking to consummate what was begun by Woodrow Wilson and FDR -- the imposition of a European collectivist model and so the de facto overthrow of the founding principles of this beloved country, a gift of incalculable treasure bequeathed us by our forefathers. We must honor their memories, and emulate their model by resisting this statist onslaught.


    Federal Procurement the Smoking Gun on Immigration?

    In just the past few weeks we’ve learned of a “crisis” at the border by “unaccompanied minors” who’ve travelled from Central America.  Ponder how long the development of the “marketing” to solicit folks to make the journey, and to conceive and then “build” the “infrastructure” of the transportation network, must have taken, and by whom it might have been funded (directly or indirectly). Now consider | Read More »

    Is Obama Knowingly Setting-up His Underlings?

    If one Googles “narcissistic personality disorder” one finds listings of the traits, including (but not limited to) an ability to charm, deceive and manipulate people; a feeling of superiority to others; a feeling that regular people can’t appreciate just how wonderful the narcissist is,  and so a desire to associate with celebrities or other form of “successful” people that can understand them; a visceral and | Read More »

    Obama’s Red Lines and Pink Pleas

    We need not here reiterate the now widely recognized hollowness of Barack Hussein Obama’s “red lines” – indeed we can better characterizing them as “pink pleas.” (Let us observe here that “leading from behind” also means that one is leading from the front — when retreating.) But are these even pleas – or are they in fact subterfuge? We know that one of Obama’s influencers, | Read More »

    Make the Beltway beta-test Obamacare

    Open letter to all conservative (i.e., genuine GOP) members of Congress — please consider introducing the following legislation that will turn the existing Obamacare debate on its head: The Federal Guinea Pig Act. This act, instead of seeking immediate defunding of Obamacare, will instead be described as a pilot project to work out its software and hardware bugs, so manifestly undeniable after the October 1st | Read More »

    This Fourth of July — Celebration, or Wake?

    As we approach this Fourth of July, it’s been running through my mind that this year the more apropos description might be a wake rather than a celebration, as Barack Obama and his forces of collectivist Progressivism are on the march, imposing “fundamental transformation” upon this nation, seeking and as of now succeeding in irreparably turning this nation away from our founding. They seek to | Read More »

    Does The GOP Establishment Actually WANT Permanent Minority Status?

    Democrats-Progressives are deploying mass immigration and multiculturalism (non-assimilation) as a demographic “weapon of mass deconstruction” against our nation. Conservatives have been sounding repeated warnings that the so-called comprehensive immigration reform will in fact lead to a permanent Democrat majority, and have been baffled that the GOP establishment doesn’t seem to comprehend what is so obvious. Whatever it may be, the GOP establishment is not totally | Read More »

    GOP — The Sally Fields of Politics

    In another “WTF?” moment concerning the GOP, today’s Drudge Report has “GOP moves to prop up Obamcare?” which in turn links to an article in The Hill entitled “GOP fast tracks bill to fortify ObamaCare’s high-risk pools.” In what might be described as an echo of the “Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit” that the GOP thought would suddenly make seniors vote for the newly Democrat-appearing GOP, the | Read More »

    “Executive action,” sequester & the GOP

    Let us first stipulate that the GOP is both competent only in its collaboration with the Progressive agenda, and incompetent as the putative opposition party to same. If the GOP were intending to advance the American cause (a/k/a conservatism), it would respond to B. Hussein Obama’s sequester lies and demagoguery thus (via officeholder message discipline, and running paid TV ads to bypass the Progressive Media | Read More »

    “Undervoting” — conservatives must become “swing voters”

    “Under-voting” must become the new conservative mantra (under-voting is when one votes, but not in every single race on the ballot). The Bill Buckley model of “vote for the most conservative in the primary, and then the most conservative on the ballot [that can get elected] in the general” is now working against us, for the GOP establishment is poised to intervene and hijack the | Read More »

    The “Fauxscal Cliff” – End It, Don’t Mend It

    We cannot escape the media coverage regarding the so-called “fiscal cliff.”  Human Events has reported that for the most part the threatened “devastating cuts” are primarily reductions in baseline-budgeted projected increases, not actual cuts (hence the title of this piece “Fauxscal Cliff”). So query why the GOP is going along with this charade … could the GOP leadership actually be closeted Progressives who are in | Read More »