Sarah Palin endorses Tancredo; Magellan Strategies President says Tancredo will win

    Yesterday, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin endorsed Tom Tancredo.  In a robocall she recorded for Mr. Tancredo she said “he’ll fight for lower taxes, he’ll stop growing government, and start growing the economy.  And we know he’ll continue working to end illegal immigration.” According to an article posted at the Business Word Inc. “Tom Tancredo will become Colorado’s next governor, and Republicans will take over the | Read More »

    Present and Past Colorado GOP Officeholders Supporting Conservative Tom Tancredo

    A large number of past and present Republican officeholders in Colorado are providing public support to the gubernatorial candidacy of former Congressman Tom Tancredo. The sixth congressional district of Colorado is now represented by Republican Congressman Mike Hoffman and was formerly represented by Tom Tancredo.  Congressman Hoffman is publicly supporting Mr. Tancredo and was present at a Tancredo rally on October 18th in Aurora, Colorado, along with more | Read More »

    A mistake for the ages: the selection of David Souter over Edith Hollan Jones

    In a 2005 article entitled “Souter-phobia”, Fred Barnes opening paragraph states that for conservatives Souter’s “elevation to the High Court was a mistake for the ages”.  It is hard to underestimate the damage done by that selection by President George Herbert Walker Bush.  Edith Jones would have been a magnificent Supreme Court justice as she has been a magnificent judge for the United States Court of | Read More »