72-year old (as of 2016) lawyer, former college professor (philosophy [non-BS type]). Strong libertarian with much sympathy for strong conservatives. No sympathy for statists of any variety.


    A Danger to The Movement

    I agree with Moe Lane, and Ace of Spades, except that I see a longer term danger: that the Tea Party or Constitutional Conservative movement will achieve some of its objectives, reduction of the Democrat Party to (temporary) minority status, balanced budgets, prosperity, sane foreign policy, etc., and will become complacent. That there will not be the same fire.  That the People will not | Read More »

    Is West Virginia in Play?

    Rasmussen has Manchin leading Capito by 14% and Ireland by 39%. My admittedly ignorant opinion is that Manchin can be beaten by a strong fiscal conservative who can capitalize on the devastation Democrat policies have inflicted on the WV economy, but that would take a businessman or woman with a sound economics background rather than a politician. Someone who can shake up the state, not | Read More »

    Sabato’s Crystalball Reclassifies 6 House Races

    Article by Isaac Wood, House Race Editor SD-AL    Leans D to Tossup NC-2      Safe D to likely D NC-8      Leans D to Tossup NY-20    Likely D to Leans D FL-8       Leans D to Tossup AL-5      Safe R to Likely R

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    Republicans Facing Incumbents in November

    and faced with the argument that the incumbent will bring back more pork to the district should be very familiar with a Harvard Business School report “Do Powerful Politicians Cause Corporate Downsizing?” One interpretation, for example, is that Byrd’s pork, usually thought to have benefitted West Virginia at the expense of the rest of the nation, did not even benefit WV! If these results | Read More »

    NRA – No Longer an Ally

    It seems clear that the NRA no longer represents the interests or views of its members. Erick Erickson has done a great job exposing the NRA for its support of Reid – But even if Reid had a perfect record on this one issue he would be an enemy.  We cannot support one-issue organizations when what we face is a massive, insidious movement to | Read More »

    Judicial Activism

    Yesterday I said: Judicial activism is the tendency, or willingness, or view that it is proper to depart from: A. Established judicial precedent, or B. The Constitution. …. But a piece by Ann Coulter reminds me that there is another definition that the left pushes: ….Despite the herculean efforts of liberals to redefine “judicial activism” as “overturning laws,” the two ….acts are completely unrelated. | Read More »

    This Will Be Much Cited

    Mark my words. This November’s voters [ed – and we all should] look forward to the day when Madison once again would be found in the mainstream of current legal thought – as he was when he formed the original stream.    [Tony Blankley, 6/30/10]

    Christine O’Donnell

    If she can get the nomination, great!  And maybe she can – But the idea that Coons or any other Dem would be better “I quite literally think we’re better off losing with O’Donnell than winning with [Castle]” IJB Monday, June 28th at 3:19PM EDT is nuts. There are, maybe, some rare circumstances when it is strategically better to lose, but here the second | Read More »


    Is anyone following Utah 02, where Matheson Faces Primary Test and UT-2: Morgan Philpot vs. Jim Matheson ? RealClear rates the race “Likely Dem” and Sabato’s Crystal Ball, evidently rates it Safe Dem. Incidentally, the Abramowitz piece, which I have seen cited with approval in several places, strikes me as very shallow. It projects results from 1994 onto 2010, which, barring other | Read More »


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