Once Again US Media Chooses Ideology Over Truth

    As the events unfold throughout the Middle East, it is encouraging to see people take to the streets and challenge their respective governments to finally consider long-ignored reforms.  For Americans who are the hereditary benefactors of a challenge to oppressive and authoritarian rule, it is particularly heartwarming considering our republic’s 200+ years of government by, for, and of the people.  Watching the news then, it | Read More »

    For Obama, It’s All in the Timing

    Timing is everything.  Whether you are baking a cake, playing baseball, or telling a joke, precise timing matters and is arguably the most important variable that, without it, all else will fail.  Lest we forget though, everything IS relative.  What you are baking is as important as the time it takes to bake.  If you hope to advance the runner, pitch counts and runners on | Read More »

    President Obama and ‘The Pride of the Yankees’

    As I see it, President Obama is more interested in appeasing those who hate the US (European socialists, jihadists, Cuban and Saudi Dictators, etc.) than the 58M Americans who didn’t vote for him. He constantly reminds the right that “he won” and that his budgets will pass in spite of the fact that not a single republican (and a number of democrats) approves. Yet he | Read More »

    Maybe a Catastrophe is What We Need

    That which does not kill you, only makes you stronger — Friedrich Nietzsche Americans, who—for the last 30 years—were preoccupied with avarice and gluttony and unconcerned with the virtues of thrift and saving for a rainy day, are currently enduring a crisis of confidence. While blame for our collective economic misfortune has been cast around, both the previous and current administrations are culpable since their | Read More »