Confessions of a Racist

    The 2012 presidential election taught me a lot about myself. I was surprised to learn that I’m a rabid racist. Many respected civil rights leaders, and really smart actors and other intellectual giants, pointed out that people supporting voter ID were racists. Apparently, the multistate convictions of ACORN and other purveyors of voter fraud, the books demonstrating a plethora of examples of election fraud (contrary | Read More »

    Susan Rice’s Real Crimes

    Questions arising from Susan Rice’s peregrinations around the Sunday talk show circuit have focused on whether the demonstrations at the Benghazi consulate were spontaneous or planned in advance, whether they were led by a citizenry outraged by a blasphemous movie trailer or by some al Qaeda wannabes taking advantage of Muslim unrest over the film. The story Ambassador Rice and the president were hawking Sunday | Read More »