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    One Mom’s Reflection on the Legacy of Chick-fil-a founder S. Truett Cathy

    S. Truett Cathy died this morning at the young age of 93, and with his passing our world lost a true gem. Mr. Cathy’s Chick-fil-a franchise has enriched my life as a mother and as a woman of faith tremendously, with their unwavering commitment to God and family — in that order. His company and it’s policies are more far-reaching than one might think, especially | Read More »

    Crist vs. Scott Cannot Be a One-Issue Election

    I posted a link to Rick Wilson’s awesome Ricochet article “The Risk of Crist” on my Facebook page yesterday, and boy did that stir up some drama! My intention was to keep some of my friends from becoming one-issue voters. As a retired cop who is married to a cop, many of my friends are cops. And overall, law enforcement officers in Florida aren’t too keen | Read More »