Please, don’t insult our intelligence…

"It's not really voter fraud unless someone gets convicted."

Without organized voter fraud, John Kennedy would have lost Illinois to Richard Nixon, and therefore, the presidency.

That was 1960…

Fast-forward forty-years to an unsuccessful attempt…

The media group which descended on Florida after the 2000 recount debacle, with hundreds of election lawyers from both sides in tow, had hoped to prove that President Bush was “Selected/Not Elected.”

Much to their dismay, unsurprising to many knowledgeable observers, they discovered wide-spread voter fraud in precincts controlled by Democrats. Indeed, voter fraud was documented by the media group, but unfortunately for them, it just didn’t involve the Republicans.

Six-Months and Six-Million Dollars later, their final tally indicated that President Bush actually won the state of Florida by substantially more than the 527 votes officially recorded by Sec. Harris.

And now…

The stage has been set for Ohio 2008.

Over 200,000 fraudulent voter registrations, easily identifiable and directly connected to Acorn, have been found in Ohio. According to Acorn’s public declarations, approximately 1.3 Million new voter registrations have been submitted. Those are Acorn’s numbers, and they are not the only group participating in voter registration efforts.

The FBI is currently investigating an unusually high number of instances involving fraudulent voter registrations submitted by Acorn in at least fifteen battleground states. If I recall correctly, the total number of fraudulent voter registrations discovered to date exceeds 400,000.

The next step…

Overwhelm the system on election day with provisional ballots while claiming voter suppression and decrying a broken election process, all at the same time.

There will be no shortage of election lawyers, and clearly, they will be eager to carry forward their own interpretation of election law. Will they find a receptive judiciary?

Fraud has so very many sordid faces…

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