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    Becoming PCM & PCW in Florida

    I have been silent on this issue because I wanted to make sure that we had no major distractions other than those reigned down on us in Florida by Jim Greer and Charlie Crist. The election of 2010 is past and the campaign for 2012 has begun.  While chairman John Thrasher has gone a long way to returning integrity and fairness to the RPOF, the | Read More »

    Obamas Lead Blocker – Lawrence Lessig, Deflecting Blame For Failures of the One.

    Its that pesky “fund raising” Congress.   All dependent on money to campaign for re-election, the addiction to money has driven the Congress into the arms of the evilllllllllllllllllllllll corporate interests.  This has led to stalemate and inaction on the agenda of  Barack Obama, the focus of Lawrence Lessig’s cultist aspirations all bound up in a “transformational President” who has lost his way. All because he | Read More »


    An Open Warning To All Conservatives, Big Sister Is Watching

    Ever since the election, I have been writing, here, in comments and on my blog.  I started my blog right after the election in November.  I have not been real active on my blog of late, I have been deeply involved in some political activities in other venues. Tonight, I was looking at the logs on my server and I ran across an entry for | Read More »

    Not One Red Dime For Dede Scozzofava’s Campaign Machine

    I received the standard plea today form Chairman Steele to renew my membership and contribute for the upcoming state elections.  This was the letter I returned to him in the postage paid envelope. October 23, 2009 Mr. Michale Steele Chairman The Republican National Committee 300 First Street SE Washington, DC 20077 Dear Chairman Steele, As you will note, there is no financial contribution in the | Read More »


    “We’re In A Fight To The Death”…Populists Versus Elites, The Battle Of Sarah Palin

    Cross posted at Fight to the death?  Do you feel as if the country is at stake.  Many of us do.  For many years now we have stood by and watched as elitists, from both parties have driven us over the fiscal cliff and eroded our liberties drip by tortuous drip.  We are in a fight to the death.  It is why I am | Read More »

    What Next For Sarah Palin?

    Cross posted at the 41st Vote. Sarah Palin’s shocking announcement today that she would not seek re-election as Governor and that she would be stepping down effective July 26th will trigger a firestorm of speculation and attacks, it already has.  Her stated reasons for leaving the Governorship early, to “pass the ball for victory” seems somewhat hollow given her popularity in Alaska.  Already, liberal pundit, | Read More »

    The Obamassiah To Send AlGore to North Korea.

    They hope that AlGore can help free the Current TV treporters on trial for spying.  Perhaps AlGore should watch this before he goes. <b>WARNING Not SAFE FOR WORK – LANGUAGE</b>

    Humor Alert – “The Goodes”

    Mike Judge, creator of Bevis & Butthead and “King of the Hill” has created a new series aimed at deflating the Al Gore worshippng, tree hugging, insane among us called “The Goodes”. Just a quick blurb to set the stage: “Director Mike Judge’s new animated television series “The Goode Family” is a send-up of a clan of environmentalists who live by the words “What would | Read More »

    Urgent – Waxman To Push Vote On Cap & Trade In Next Few Days.

    Burn the phones contact all your net peeps. From Wxman, who pulled this bill out of the sub-committee he had assigned ti to just last week and sensing thte bill is dying, is trying another end run around Republicans, time and common sense. He wants a vote in the next 48 hours and the bill is not yet out of committee (his). This will | Read More »

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    Next Big Theft Initiative For Dem’s Debuted Tonight On 60 Minutes

    You have to admire the Marxists that are running the Democrat Party these days, their arrogance and imagination is huge.  You just have to accept that they think your stupid. Of course they have a willing accomplice in pusing the Statist agenda with CBS. But don’t go all “Right Wing Extremist” on them just yet. Tonight on 60 minutes, they opened their attack on private | Read More »