R. Clayton Strang is the Republican Precinct Committee Officer for the Lynnwood 2 precinct in Snohomish County, Washington. Clayton has served as Washington State's 21st Legislative District Chair for the Santorum for President Campaign (2012), assistant to the Snohomish County Chair for the Santorum for President Campaign, Deputy Director of Public Relations for the Hadian for Governor 2012 Campaign. He also has served as a Delegate to the Snohomish County Republican Party's 2012 Convention and the Washington State Republican Party's 2012 Convention. Clayton is also a husband, a father of four and licensed funeral director and embalmer in Washington State.


    UPDATE: Freedom to Assault

    Last week, I told you about the case of two abolitionists in Norman, OK being assaulted while speaking up for their pre-born neighbors. I showed you video of these abolitionists preaching at the abortuary and video of the assault itself. We talked about the Norman City Attorney refusing to prosecute the assailant. The refusal of the Norman government to insist upon, or at least pursue, justice is chilling for all who would seek to love the least amongst us. We are told that our right to free speech is not as important as the right to assault; if that weren’t shocking enough, even those who are allegedly “on the same side” as abolitionists also seem to hold this same position

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    Freedom to Assault

    “I know that God will protect me as long as He has work for me and other Abolitionists to do. So, in accordance with the 2nd tenet of Abolitionism, ‘Reliance upon Providence,’ I lean completely upon the Lord’s protection and provision in all of this and know that He will be glorified and will use this in order to bring success to the Abolitionist Movement. I also realize that this work may cost my life and I have counted the cost and put my hand to the plow and do not plan on looking back.”

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    When Gun Rights Protections Really Aren’t

    As many of us remember, there were several battles to protect the 2nd Amendment in Washington State this year. (For a brief recap, please read here, here, here). Thankfully, 2nd Amendment constitutionalists banded together and forced our mushy legislators to defeat every anti firearms bill introduced and supported by Democrats and Republican alike. But there’s a new battle waging in the form of ballot initiatives.

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    21 Weeks, 6 Days and Still Not A Human?

    This piece was first posted by this author on Life of the Party, a pro-life organization in Washington State.  Please visit their website to learn more about them.   Success!  Finally, Congress is banning abortion!  This is a great victory!  Let’s all relax and go home, folks. What am I talking about, you ask?  Why, the ban on abortions after 22 weeks that was passed | Read More »

    The Dividing

    Liberty can only exist under a certain set of circumstances; where our government is limited and the people believe in, trust in and follow God and the small parameters that are placed around us for our protection. Many in the liberty movement claim to want to return to the principles of our founding, but they don’t really. To return to the principles of our founding is to return to the principles of Christianity and the Bible, where liberty can truly be found.

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    No Compromise on Life

    Many members joined the RLC reluctantly, with the promise and understanding that the Washington State Charter would adopt a solidly pro-life position. It is now clear that this will not happen, and as such, I have tendered my resignation. Many others are in the process of doing the same. Please find my letter to my County Chapter Chaiman, which includes my reasoning for my resignation, below.

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    Liberty Without Life Is No Liberty at All

    One of the fastest growing political movements in Washington State is the Republican Liberty Caucus.  The RLCWA chartered in December of 2012, shortly after the Washington State Republican Party had suffered a crushing defeat.  In the five short months since chartering, the RLCWA has grown to over 250 members (it shows no signs of stopping there!) and is the largest state chapter of the RLC | Read More »

    The Repentance Movement

    Edited by Heidi Munson   I find myself, surely like many of you, pulled in numerous directions right now.  I end up attending meeting after meeting, being inundated with an abundance of information.  There’s work to be done, but the distractions just keep coming.  We find ourselves fighting about bylaws, and, granted, bylaws need to be in place in the GOP and other caucuses, and | Read More »

    The New Gun Confiscation Strategy

    This piece is co-authored by Kit Lange and R. Clayton Strang   We have been so honored to be a part of the liberty movement here in Washington State.  We’ve been able to come together to defeat some truly terrible legislation.  We’ve killed Rep. Mike Hope’s (R, 44th LD) “universal background checks for all firearm transfers” bill (HB 1588) which was really nothing more than | Read More »

    Guns and Jobs in Washington

    With Washington’s unemployment rate last year between 8.3% and 7.6% and a current rate of 7.5%, I would think that our legislators would all want to work hard to bring good, long term jobs into our state. With firearm manufacturers like Magpul getting set to pick up and move their business from Colorado due to the State’s new restrictive (and unconstitutional) anti 2nd Amendment laws, and Colt talking about leaving Connecticut, it makes perfect sense to do anything that we can to attract these businesses to our state!

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