New York Times Pushing the “Stimulus Was Successful” Lie

    Today, someone sent me this column by New York Times columnist David Firestone and asked what I thought.  Here was my response: I have several issues with this column. This column only focuses on the tertiary outcomes from the stimulus and not how successful Obama was on achieving what he said the it would do.  This is sort of like how Republicans focus on the | Read More »

    What a fully implemented Obamacare means for America

    I’ve been thinking about the long-term implications of Obamacare for our country and can’t help but think it will fundamentally shift the terms of our debate. Here are a few implications of the law if it’s not repealed under a possible Romney Administration: Like the debates happening today over Medicare, once people actually start receiving health coverage through Obamacare, the program will become virtually impossible | Read More »

    Our Modest President

    On Friday, the Labor Department announced an estimated 14.5 million Americans are out of work, with the nation’s unemployment rate rising to 9.4 percent – the highest in 26 years. Meanwhile, during the European leg of President Obama’s trip abroad, the AFP brings word that a “taste tester” joined the Obama family at dinner at a French restaurant.   A US “taster” tested the food being | Read More »

    Barack Obama: He’s No George W. Bush

    Part of the George W. Bush legacy was his tremendous leadership following 9/11.  Following the worst terrorist attack in our nation’s history, President Bush united the nation, responded decisively, and sounded a calming tone that told every American – Republicans, Democrats, and Independents alike – “we’re going to be okay.”  And we were.  To date, there has not been another attack on our soil. Perhaps President Obama | Read More »