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I'm a conservative Christian, associate pastor at a growing church, husband to Natalie, father of Jackson & Reagan. I've always enjoyed political discussions, but the Obama/McCain campaign changed me. Conservatism makes sense. Liberalism makes a mess. I blog at as often as I can but not as often as I would like. I used to follow the band Phish. I live and die (mostly die, recently) with the Houston Astros and San Antonio Spurs. I read anything I can get my hands on. I'm always open to talk, and I enjoy disagreeing without being disagreeable.


    Philanthropy by Proxy

    So I saw the Executive Branch tax returns today and a few interesting things popped out at me. Now I’m a humanities guy, so if I’ve misapplied or misinterpreted these numbers, please let me know… Barack & Michelle Obama’s AGI:                      $5, 505, 409 Obama Household Charitable Contributions*:      $329,100 Charitable Contributions as % of | Read More »

    Nothing Is Irreversible

    I’m the guy who tends to vacillate between the confident smiles when I consider of the historical writing on the wall (Democrats WILL overreach, which guarantees their power will ebb swiftly) and knee-buckling fear of potential irreversibilities (entitlements can NEVER be undone! EVAH!). Stepping back to examine life’s broader perspective convinces me further that fear and panic are weak and fleeting emotions in the calm, | Read More »

    Free Market Federal Divorce Agreement, why not?

    I forget where I first encountered the theoretical proposition of a free market solution to federalism, but the e-mail forward I encountered below runs along those lines. The idea is intriguing: an amicable separation, giving the left half (literally) of the country free reign to implement and practice whatever “progressive” ideological programs and ideals, while the right half of the country is free to practice | Read More »

    Financial System Shouldn’t be regulated, Obama’s ego should be

    When you think financial system, what do you think of? Wikipedia says “the financial system is a set of complex and closely interconnected financial institutions, markets, instruments, services, practices, and transactions.” Close your eyes for just a second and imagine the American financial system: the never ending network of overlapping and interlocking relationships and connections. Mind boggling, isn’t it? Now, conceptualize “financial regulations.” Wikipedia says | Read More »

    Truth is elastic, and only counts for today

    Remember during the campaign where Barack Obama got great mileage out of John McCain’s proposition to tax employer health care benefits? With mock horror and a plea to good ol’ American values, he said McCain’s plan was “so radical, so out of touch with what you’re facing, and so out of line with our basic values.” Guy Benson in yesterday’s National Review Online (“Obama is | Read More »

    *gasp* Doctors Oppose Government Healt Care?

    The American Medical Association is publicly coming out against the governments “public health care option.” The public health care option would be a government created, government controlled health insurance company that would “compete” with the 1,300 health care insurance companies to provide health care for those in America without it. A few problems with that (I’ll first summarize what Karl Rove said in today’s Wall | Read More »

    John Bolton: the conservative Dark Horse

    Ladies & Gentlemen, the conservative choice for America… John Bolton Mr. Bolton’s greatest drawback at this point appears to be his unfortunate facial hair and hair cut, but President Clinton has established precedent to fix that problem, so that shouldn’t be an issue. Bolton grabbed my early favor with quotes like this in todays Washington Times… Conservative foreign policy is unabashedly pro-American, unashamed of American | Read More »

    Poor Pelosi: how the left is living up to expectations

    It didn’t have to be this way. If liberals in congress and the media had only acted like grown ups instead of losing their minds about “torture”, we could have avoided this whole messy thing. Instead, as soon as they took power they started calling for President Bush’s head on a platter over the torture issue. With no small amount of moral superiority I heard, | Read More »

    Welcome to the fold: continuing a conversation on tone in the political discourse

    Yesterday at American Thinker, I ran into an open letter from a recovering liberal, making amends for his past. It’s an interesting continuation of my previous post, concerning tone in the political debate as it regards liberals & conservatives. My basic contention is that, generally speaking, the left is either unwilling or incapable of engaging in a civilized, point for point debate on the issues, | Read More »

    Liberals are anti-science: reading between the lines of intellectual bullying

    Promoted from the diaries by Neil Believe it or not, has given a conservative the opportunity to fill their space. This weeks question in “Ask a Wingnut” gets to an important topic, one with implications far beyond the scope of the actual words. On the face of it, the Wingnut author does a good job answering the question: the Conservative record on science is | Read More »