PR Obamacare Enrollment Astroturf Blitz

    This 24 hours leading up to today and Obama’s “Mission Accomplished” Rose Garden announcement have been fascinating.  First, from the ABC News/Washington Post poll showing Americans now support Obamacare when answering the question as Ben Domenech pointed out “Overall, do you support or oppose the federal law making changes to the health care system?”.  Not mentioning Obamacare in the question isn’t only silly, to trumpet | Read More »

    The shutdown/debt ceiling fight in a nutshell

    Contrary to what some people think, I believe John Boehner is doing a good job in this fight.  Today he made a great strategic negotiating move taking away Obama’s talking point of the GOP pushing the nation to default by offering a six-week clean debt ceiling increase.  First Jay Carney stated that the President would sign on to this but then some time later Obama | Read More »

    The Covert Swindle: Is the House immigration piecemeal approach just a GOP kabuki ruse?

    Not too long back, I had noticed how quiet the GOP had become talking about immigration prior to recess.  Now, some GOP congressmen are now either having no town hall meetings at all or are trying to have them very, very quietly.  There has been speculation that a betrayal is coming though it has been unclear how: If Boehner wants to pass some sort of | Read More »

    For all the focus that is on defunding Obamacare, remember immigration

    Just saying… Mickey Kaus takes on Ted Cruz saying that his defunding push is causing conservatives to fall asleep on immigration and should be blamed if amnesty passes.  One thing sticks out that Kaus stated: Once the Gang of 8 bill cleared the Senate, the best hope of blocking it was to delay House consideration until after the August recess, when the Republican grass roots | Read More »

    Non-enrollment, reducing or dropping health insurance will be the silent dagger to Obamacare

    I’ve been pondering writing this post for awhile.  As you know, the Obama administration has been on a heavy recruiting mission getting celebrities and organizations like the NFL to promote enrollment of health insurance to young people.  It is common knowledge that the Obama Administration needs young people enrolling in health insurance that those people feel they don’t really need to keep health premiums from | Read More »

    Nancy Mace to enter South Carolina GOP Senate primary tomorrow?

    Things just got a little more testy for Lindsay Graham: According to South Carolina and conservative news reports, Nancy Mace, a small business owner and the first woman to graduate from the state’s military college, is expected to announce her bid on Saturday. Some months back, I pretty much had endorsed Richard Cash when he announced his primary challenge because I was so disgusted with | Read More »

    Dozens of Americans were apparently on the ground in Benghazi attack (Update: Benghazi a Middle Eastern Fast and Furious Operation?)

    The Benghazi scandal just got a whole lot more interesting.  From Jake Tapper: CNN has uncovered exclusive new information about what is allegedly happening at the CIA, in the wake of the deadly Benghazi terror attack. Four Americans, including Ambassador Christopher Stevens, were killed in the assault by armed militants last September 11 in eastern Libya. Sources now tell CNN dozens of people working for the | Read More »

    Paul Ryan floats the latest immigration reform trial balloon at a town hall

    I caught this over at Hot Air.  This is in regards to a video Think Progress recorded of a recent town hall meeting with Paul Ryan and his constituents.  Initially I would take anything from Think Progress with a mountain-sized grain of salt.  It is actually enlightening in a lot of ways which I will go into here shortly.  First the transcript: Bringing these bills | Read More »

    So, this immigration theater was all much ado about nothing?

    (Via Hot Air) If what is being reported by the National Journal’s Fawn Johnson is to be believed and this article does look very rational, any immigration reform happening is dead for awhile unless John Boehner lets the Senate bill get an up-or-down vote in the House.  Knowing the countless bills that Harry Reid has tabled that have passed the House, Boehner shouldn’t give Reid | Read More »

    No! Any type of legal status, “temporary” or permanent, should not be granted before enforcement and securing the border

    I’ll make this diary short and sweet.  Dan Horowitz has done a great job of explaining the latest attempt to put lipstick on the Gang of 8 immigration pig in the Corker-Hoeven amendment.  What angers me is the way these stupid Senators try to deceive us with their faux border security amendments and then try to announce the “breakthrough” with trumpets and press conferences.  What | Read More »