Sarah Palin, Rasmussen, and PPP(D) polls this morning bolster Christie

(Edited previous post)

Sarahcuda is on the march.  First, she fires the first shot by endorsing Doug Hoffman and now gives a rallying call for Chris Christie and Bob McDonnell but with an emphasis on Christie’s race.  Rasmussen shows Christie with a 3 point lead this morning in a poll released.  It appears Christie’s attacks highlighting Corzine’s corruption ties in Bergen County and Daggett’s shadowy positions have stopped the momentum and may be beginning to turn things in his favor.  The final push towards next Tuesday begins today.  Make a donation to Christie here.  If Jersey falls, Obama’s agenda will get an Arctic frost from Democratic congressmen up for re-election in 2010.

UPDATE:  Voters breaking to Christie?  PPP, a Democratic pollster shows that Christie is now up 4.  This is a significant increase.  PPP had these guys in a dead heat in the past few polls.  The poll can be found here.

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