Dan Riehl blows up the NRCC in regards to NY-23

From the diaries by Erick. Consider this piece by Dan Riehl a must read. I have heard the exact same thing as Dan. In a nutshell: forget the nonsense that the New York GOP picked Dede Scozzafava all by itself. There was actual, tangible involvement from the NRCC leadership in that choice — just another example of the Beltway GOP Establishment screwing things up.

(H/T American Spectator)

Dan Riehl has published an account on the selection of Dede Scozzafava for NY-23.  The NRCC is apparently none too happy with Riehl’s report.  You can read Riehl’s story here.  A lot of interesting stuff in there and some that is bound to make a lot of conservatives angry with how this all went down.

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