Pelosi and the MSM using the inevitability tactic…again

According to the AP via Yahoo, Nancy Pelosi plans to unveil Obamacare legislation after reaching a deal on “key elements” with moderate Democrats.  What these key elements are, who knows.  After dissecting the article, this is government run insurance in its purest form, the so called robust public option.  No opt-out for the states (that is just a sham anyway) and a nice new tax on the wealthy.  It certainly doesn’t sound like any concessions were made to the Blue Dog hold-outs.  Nothing in the article mentions if Bart Stupak was going to get a vote on his amendment that would prevent abortion from getting funding with this bill.   It looks and sounds like this is the same charade.  Why throw a bill out there that will get killed in the Senate and thus hang moderate Democrats in deeply red or red leaning states out to dry who vote yea for the bill?   Try to give the appearance that they are getting something done to their kook left fringe?  My guess is that it is this and the same old tactic of portraying an image of inevitability to depress the opposition so we just submit to the government’s will.  Maybe in their warped thinking this will cause the poll numbers for Obamacare to improve.  Rasmussen has consistently shown that the majority of the people are against any healthcare legislation and are happy with their insurance coverage.  So long as public opinion is against this, no legislator in a red state or red House districts in their right minds would vote for this.  It would be political suicide.  Harry Reid met with Blanche Lincoln today.  Sounds like Dingy Harry is trying to save a sinking ship.  Lieberman (already against), Landrieu, Dorgan, Conrad, Nelson in Nebraska, Tester, Baucus, Pryor, Bayh are just some of the other names I can think of.  So, we have two key events upcoming.  Pelosi revealing the legislative monster for us to pick apart and next Tuesday’s off year elections where voters are poised to send these Democrats a nasty shot across the bow.  This is going to be sooooooooooome FIGHT!!

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